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my sex drive is on the wane
gentle1954 posted:
have recorded my intimates for 3 years , 60 times the first year 47 in the second and about 36 this year . it seems that my sex drive is decreasing . i dont like . i like to have sex even in my my 75 0r 80 years old . now im 60

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stevesmw responded:
I would like to have sex until I die. I am 69 and had no ed issues until I was 62. Even if I can't have sex, I will think about having sex until I die. 200 times a year would be about right.
When I was in my 30's, about 400 times a year would be about right,
honkey123 responded:
I am 90 and still enjoying good sex. Your testosterone levels have to be high enough to support good sex though at this age. I take shots for T
jacqui_olliver responded:
Strong erections can still be maintained despite low testosterone levels. If you are otherwise fit and healthy it is likely your low libido is either related to your relationship or an erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problem you may have had for a while.

Often a low libido problem occurs due to having a partner who shows a lack of interest for sex. Do any of the above situations apply to you?

Many of my clients have ended ED problems or a lack of libido well into their eighties, simply by implementing correct mental focus during sex.
honkey123 responded:
If you are having sex that often you are doing pretty well. However if you don't have the drive you might have your testosterone and your Estriadol checked. If your Estradiol is too high it will kill your sex drive and less demand. I am 90 now and I still have it once a month which isn't too bad. Sometimes I have it three or four times a month. If you want to know how to get your hormones in balance I will text you in return. Check with your doctor and have a blood test first then you can decide what to do.
honkey123 replied to stevesmw's response:
4 times a week is a lot of sex at most any age. Most of us don't get it nearly that often. I would be satesfied with once a week at 90 year old. I take T shots but it is still just as good as it always was. If your wife doesn't like it that often then you have a problem. She could give you a B job though.

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