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This Exchange simulates the original Couples Coping Support Group. It is designed to help persons with concerns in their relationships, family, marriage, seperation, divorce, etc.Offering a wide range of real world, personal experiences, information, knowledge, suggestions, & views from real people.
Poll- Getting to know you!
kristinmarie722 posted:
I know bits and pieces about most of you- but I thought it would be fun to do a poll about ourselves!

1. Name
2. Age
3. Occupation
4. SO- how long together
5. Kids?
6. Location
7. Hobbies
8. What your plans are for today
kristinmarie722 responded:
1. Name- Kristin
2. Age- 28
3. Occupation- auditor at a bank
4. SO- how long together- 6 years
5. Kids?- DS 4.5 yrs old
6. Location- Columbus OH
7. Hobbies- reading would be the one thing that I really do for myself- most other activites revolve around DS
8. What your plans are for today- work until 4:30 and hopefully play outside with DS- it's supposed to be 82 degrees today
stephs_3_kidz responded:
1. Stephanie

2. 32


4. Together for 15 years, married 13 1/2

5. Yes, 4. A DS who's almost 9, DD1, 6, DD2, 4 1/2, and DS2, 21 months.

6. Southwest Virginia

7. Singing, playing the piano, reading, and playing with my kids!

8. My plans for today? I have to do some housework and then pick up the oldest 2 from school. When they get home we'll probably play outside since it's supposed to be 86.
ImMe26 responded:
1. Name:TORI
2. Age:26
5. Kids?YES,9,8..2YRS OLD
6. Location:TAMPA,FL
8. What your plans are for today :WORK AS USUAL,,THEN HOME TO DO MY MOMMY WORK...SAME OL SAME OL..
Contemplating19 replied to ImMe26's response:
1. Danielle
2. 24
3. LPN
4. Currently Single
5. None (biologically)
6. Horn Lake, Ms
7. Anything physical (i.e. basketball, strength training, running, etc)
8. To clean up, and play some type of prank on Darrius (he got me good on April Fools... so I gotta get him back)
Schmaylan replied to ImMe26's response:
1. Name: Kaylan

2. Age: 20 (21 next month!)

3. Occupation: Scheduler and insurance liasion for a hospital

4. SO- how long together: We are kinda in limbo at the moment

5. Kids?: Not yet but someday!

6. Location: Beckley, West Virginia

7. Hobbies: Reading, baking, running and working out, hiking and picnics!

8. What your plans are for today: Work til 5:30 then run and tan, head to Wally World for a dog gate and then home to watch Sherlock Holmes
Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:
1. Name: Becca

2. Age 40

3. Occupation Insurance Claims Adjuster

4. SO- how long together Steve and I have known each other for 12 years, married for 3

5. Kids? Mine are DD-18 and DS-13--his are DD1-10, DD2-8 and DS-6

6. Location Mid-State Illinois

7. Hobbies- This message board is my hobby! I also like to read, go to the gym, and spend time with my husband and the kids.

8. What your plans are for today: Work til 4:30, then home to make dinner, possibly go to the gym, and my son wants me to take him to buy some shorts.
BabyLovesPrada replied to Schmaylan's response:
1. Name Lyndee
2. Age eek 33
3. Occupation Consumer Sales for a health Insurance Carrier
4. SO- how long together 5 years married for 10 months
5. Kids? Working on it LOL
6. Location MA
7. Hobbies Football, sleeping, cooking
8. What your plans are for today Work til 5:30, Meet the girls for Japaness for dinner then head home and finish the diaper cake I am making for a co-worker's shower
SMITHRL replied to ImMe26's response:
1. Name: Rachel
2. Age: 23
3. Occupation: Patient Service Rep. Ped's Office
4. SO- how long together: 1yr 3mo
5. Kids?: None
6. Location: KS
7. Hobbies: Painting ceramics
8. What your plans are for today: Working, going home, cooking dinner, taking a shower, watching American Idol and going to bed.
moonbeamgarden1 replied to kristinmarie722's response:
1. MBG
2. 46
3. SAHM; scientist in along ago life.
4. 20 years married
5. 3 kids= 16, 15 and 11
7. being a mom, gardening, volunteering, reading
8. Clean, shop, drive kids around, finish my taxes (finally!)
TheDeepBlue responded:
1) Sabrina (but people call me M, thats another story)
2) 38
3) Production/stage assistant
4) I've been dating my boyfriend (now fiance) for three years. Living together for 1.5 years
5) Daughter age 13
6) Pacific coast CA
7) Surfing, snorkling, traveling, bike rides, basically anything in the sun. Camping, cooking (especially Asain cuisine), movies, music, and just being with my daughter and BF.
Plan for today are to leave work at 5 and take a walk with BF till sunset. Maybe stop for a cocktail afterwards!
Spankyrae responded:
1. Angie
2. 32
3. Health insurance & also a freelance artist.
4. BF, about 3.5 years
5. Nope
6. Toledo, OH
7. reading, art, yoga, exercise, writing
8. Work, gym, cook, watch PBS special on Buddha w/ BF, and maintain my new discipline of meditating each night before bed.
realbiglu responded:
3. Day Trader
4. 2months
5. yes, drop them off at the pool twice a day
6.New york
7.women (yound)
8. game, sex
Contemplating19 replied to realbiglu's response:
Interesting that 98% of us work in the healthcare field...
3point14 replied to SMITHRL's response:
1.Name-Laura Elizabeth
3.Occupation-Apprentice Optician/student
4.S/O how long together-hahaha Three month anniversary of our first date is in nine days. Living together for about a week.
5.Kids-FORGET THAT. None and never.
7.Hobbies-reading, singing, writing, studying
8.What your plans are for today-Well, I am working until eight. After that, I'm going home with the manfriend and we're having dinner with one of my BEST friends from high school and his lovely girlfriend. We're then going out with another friend and going dive bar-hopping, I then plan on taking my very intoxicated manfriend back to home and into a nice hot shower

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