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Co-ed games for party
kristinmarie722 posted:
I am the MOH in my friends wedding this summer. Her, her fiance, and her wedding party (and SOs) are all going camping the last weekend in July. Its a join Bacherlor/Bacherlorette party.
I wanted to do some fun co ed games to kind of give it that festive feel of a bacherlor/bacherlorette party. We are a pretty open and fun group. Any suggestions?
cblake1981 responded:
Strip poker! lol
kristinmarie722 replied to cblake1981's response:
LOL! That may be just a little too much!
cblake1981 replied to kristinmarie722's response:
Awe c'mon, what kind of bachelor party doesn't have some stripping? lol

Okay okay. I went to this party once where they had a bunch of random items in boxes with little holes in them. You had to reach through the hole and feel the item and guess what it was. Then you'd write it down on a card with your name and whoever guessed the most things right won.
stephs_3_kidz responded:
Eating contests are always a big hit!
wwilson89 responded:
Twister is always fun. For something less touchy feely, when we have co-ed game nights, we always play stuff like Taboo or some other adult card/board games. Check out Spencers, they probably have rated R adult games.
kristinmarie722 replied to cblake1981's response:
That game sounds good! OMG I could get really funny and put a pair of thongs in the box, a condom, LOL!
hrg89 replied to kristinmarie722's response:
That game sounds like a lot of fun! The condom would be really funny... especially if you got a pre-lubed or ribbed one. ;D Something else you could do that would be a little gross... bologna! lol... I think it would kind of feel like skin, especially if you let it get to room temperature.

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