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How to Recover from a Threesome with my Husband
An_229578 posted:
So my husband and I decided to act out one of our fantasies recently and yes, it was both mine and his fantasy. Now I am having a tough time getting over it.
We had a threesome with another woman (someone neither of us knew) and I can't get it out of my head now. I am constantly thinking about it and good ways and bad ways. I think it is also causing self esteem issues. I am also always concerned that my husband is thinking of that other woman and if she performed better than me, etc.
Please help! I need some suggestions on how I can move past this. It has in fact spiced up our sex life, which we in really needed, but I also think it had a negative impact on my self esteem. Part of me feels ashamed about it.
I have tried to talk to my husband about these feelings I have and he reassures me that he loves me and not to worry about it. He tells me nicely to just get over it.
I know that we will never do it again and my husband has moved on from it but now I need to feel okay about it too.
IslandL responded:

This board is very slow on the weekends. While you're waiting for responses here, you might try posting this on Webmd's Sex & Relationship Exchange. Bonus there is they have 2 or 3 professional counselors who might be able to help you with this.
An_229579 replied to IslandL's response:
Thanks IslandL. Just visted the Sex & Relationship Exchange and made my post. Much better place to post my discussion. Thanks again!
j5dc2 responded:
Perhaps I am naive about these types of issues and since I have never done somehting like this nor I have the desire to do it because I am a happy married man to the most wonderful women in the world I can only imagine.

I would think you never recover, you deal with it.
realbiglu replied to j5dc2's response:
SNL did a commercial on a pill to take after a threesome. You can find it on hulu.

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