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men who are sneaky with porn!
CrashnWave posted:
this was my what if your making music.......

Should you stay with a man who chooses porn over you?
wwilson89 responded: @

This question was asked about two weeks ago. You'll find it on the second page of this discussion board. Not very many replies, but the general thing I think people would say is if he chooses porn over you and you aren't okay with it and his choice is final, you can choose to leave.
realbiglu responded:
You.... Should ..... leave him... his...internet
Lost_Liger13 responded:
if a man chooses porn over you
then obviously he isnt attracted to you like he used to be
he may even think that your body is not one he wishs to see anymore nakid or the like
maybe he thinks your boring?
maybe he thinks your not good enough for him anymore?

id ask him and see what he says...but if he really would prefere porn over you then id leave him and if your the one paying for anything in the house dont pay fot it anymore not even his internet. if he likes watching porn on the internet so much or lieks buying the tapes then let him pay for his own crap...
realbiglu replied to Lost_Liger13's response:
What if I choose my cat of over my s/o?
fcl replied to realbiglu's response:
Aren't there laws against that kind of thing?
sallyfirst replied to fcl's response:
not in the south.

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