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Girls dont poop? phase or forever going on...
lioness_10 posted:
I just dont understand it people....idk if it is just younger guys and they will eventually grow out of it or what??

please help me....its very irritating...

why do guys like to convince themselves that girls don't poop....


is it just a phase??
3point14 responded:

whatever younger guys you know that feel that way are dumb.

and you don't grow outta that kind of dumb.
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lioness_10 replied to 3point14's response:
well actually i have heard it from 10-15 different guys and all from various age groups so i was just wondering...
cjh1203 replied to lioness_10's response:
The human race is doomed.

Even my five year-old nephew isn't that stupid.
lioness_10 replied to cjh1203's response:
obviously they dont really think that girls dont poop....what they told me was that girls are supposed to be feminie and clean and it is very unattractive to picture a cute girl filling the toilet....
3point14 replied to lioness_10's response:
It's very unattractive to picture ANYONE pooping (well, to most people).

In my opinion, any girl can poop. But a lady does not discuss what happens in the bathroom.
...oh, you know me...I love the universe, I love all the listeners, watch it! Here's fifty-thousand watts of goodwill! (thepixies bam!thwok)
cjh1203 replied to lioness_10's response:
In my entire life, I have never heard a single person say anything like this. I can't imagine why anyone would picture anyone else pooping. I stand by my original statement.
butterfly19790424 replied to cjh1203's response:
I have never heard that either.

Now, I heard some men say girls dont burp. But the ones I hang around are much more mature and isnt going to be grossed out if something slips out. We are all human!
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darlyn05 responded:
My DD's fiance used to say that girls don't fart. Line of reasoning was noting the female mannerisms. As mentioned, women generally don't boast/brag about this sort of personal information.
Contemplating19 responded:
If you don't mind me asking, where are you located (i.e. where do you live)? Because I've been reading a lot of your generalizations about men and they just don't add up to me, nor the men I was raised around.

I'm 25 (maybe you're thinking younger...) and I don't have that mindset. I'm starting to believe that the men in yoru area stood a bit too close to the power lines as children...

Anyway, for entertainment purposes... I ran across this website a while back. Apparently there are "4" different social classes for "hot little college girls" that poop in public.

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cjh1203 replied to Contemplating19's response:
C19, she lives in Wisconsin. Here's her profile:
cjh1203 replied to cjh1203's response:
Oops -- I always forget to link the link:
fcl replied to Contemplating19's response:
Yes, well, C-10, maybe you can't relate to all of these sweeping generalizations because you're an exception... (GDRLH).
alaska_mommy replied to fcl's response:
Schmaylan replied to alaska_mommy's response:
Well duh! Of course girls dont poop! When we sit down on the toilet its all glittery rainbow dust and butterflies!!

Geez good thing I was here to straighten this out for all you misguided, misinformed individuals...
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