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Relationship traditions/rituals
Spankyrae posted:
What are some rituals/traditions you & your's have?

For instance: every morning when we wake up, we stay in bed for a little bit to snuggle/cuddle. (We don't sleep this way.) He also makes my bed. Every night before bed, when one of us goes before the other, we'll have a good night kiss. We greet each other with a hug. We talk/IM/text/email every day, even just to say hello. And apparently I have the habit of serving him the smaller portion of food when we share.
fcl responded:
He brings me my coffee in bed every morning ...
BabyLovesPrada responded:
We always say I love you before we leave or hang up the phone even if we are in a disagreement.

We cook dinner together every night we are together and then we both wash the dishes.
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SUPdude responded:
We always do the wake up text. We always replace each others toothbrush head on the toothbrush. I always open the door for, house, store etc. We kiss when whoever comes home from work last comes home. We apply each others sunscreen before heading out to the beach.

And, this is quirky but true, when she orders drinks at our spot, she'll say " Party liquor rain ! " and I'll go " Woooo ! ".
3point14 responded:
I grab his bum as he walks up the stairs before me and say "Yaaaay!"

We've been doing diner with his parents every Sunday, watching the game and then I study.

Once a month we have a day where we don't leave the bed/couch and just spend time reading, talking, and watching movies together.
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AliceMalice responded:
We do Wednesday night happy hour every week. Gives us time to reconnect.

Sundays we like take a morning bikeride then get lazy and watch football together.

We kiss before leaving for work in the mornings and before we fall asleep at night.
ClosetRocker responded:
We sit down and eat dinner while watching the OSU game on Saturdays....
isabellin responded:
he makes me breakfast 3 times a wk., we always leave special notes so when one of us come home can have a greeting note. and at night before going to sleep we pray together...
Anmar22 responded:
Whenever we watch a movie at home together we sit at opposite ends of the couch with our feet up by the other person and then we rub each others feet.

He always takes the garbage out for me, I don't even have to ask. Does that count?
Spankyrae replied to Anmar22's response:
I think it counts, lol. I ask mine to take it out for me. Sure, I can do it, but it's so much nicer that he does.

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