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Question on Male Orgasms
An_185034 posted:
Is it possible for a man to have a orgasms 5 times and still be hard stating he is just letting a little bit out at a time until he finally lets go completely.
fcl responded:
Yes. Google "Tantric sex" for more info.
An_185035 replied to fcl's response:
Let me know what you find out.
a_pugs_person responded:
My current partner can orgasm/ejaculate and immediately be right back inside me ready to do it again. Sometimes it's a couple of times in just a few minutes and sometimes we go for hours at a time. I don't think we've hit 5 yet, but the last marathon session was 3 or 4. He doesn't say he's just letting out a little, he's just able to stay hard and it happens again and again.

I'm SUCH a happy camper! LOL
An_185036 replied to a_pugs_person's response:
20 years ago I had at least one hours long intercourse with my soon to be wife. She said it was amazing. Now she complains about anything over 20 minutes.
An_185037 replied to An_185036's response:
Sorry to hear it.
a_pugs_person replied to An_185036's response:
20 years ago AND soon to be wife?

There's gotta be a good story there!

Yes, too much just banging away and feeling like you're getting nowhere can be a bit much. But we both seem to enjoy lots of kissing, touching, nibbling, and mixing up the speed, intensity, positioning, etc. More of what seems to get him worked up for a while, then changing it up a bit to more of what I prefer, which keeps him hard but doesn't push him over the edge.

Not that we don't like the same things, but I love it really slow and deep and he gets more worked up by faster and shallow (TMI?). Of course, there's always the in-between where we're both going crazy! LOL

I might should also add that mine is a fairly new relationship. So, if you've been with this same person for 20 years perhaps some of the 'shine' has worn off.

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