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Sex at work
sallyfirst posted:
I found this to be insightful. The company were I work sex with co-workers runs rampant. Management and supervisors frequently hook up with their subordinates. Marriage does not seem to be an obstacle. The article is right that everyone knows. They believe that nobody knows but most actually do.
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An_229071 responded:
Swan88 responded:
Maybe I am naive but I have never been in a work environment where sex with the boss or co-workers ran even close to rampant. Guess I should have found more fun places to work. Sure there was the rumor of a two people married to others hooking up or a couple of singles ended up dating or married but those were rare.

My husband and I, as he would say are not blind, and have been attracted to people at work but the furthest it ever got was into our shared bedroom fantasies. My husband was actually very excited by pretending to be my co-worker and having sex with me imagining I was with him. I returned the favor being his new young secretary. But neither of us would ever have sex with anyone at work even though being around another person can make you want them in that way.
kristinmarie722 responded:
When I worked in the resturant industry this was HUGE. Servers slept with managers all the time. Every guy I dated for like 2 years, I worked with. I met my son's dad at work.
I am in an office setting now and I did date a co worker after I seperated from my son's dad. I have never and would never sleep with a manager or someone who is married, but I have heard of it happening.
cami8954235 responded:
well my work place not a lot of that goes on. maybe one or two managers and supervisors and even agents do get it going on sometime they make it so ovious. but many may not notice as well as those that pay attention will see what is going on around them.

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