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Grandmaofeight posted:
Once they cheat, believe me they will always cheat, they don't know the real meaning of true love & devotion. If it bothered him in the least he wouldn't be going back after getting caught.
Sounds like to me he is very controlling & has you right where he wants you. You can do so much better & find true happiness, but you need to get out of that situation.
He also probably likes the fact that you have a good paying job & may not want to let you go, be careful. Plan your departure carefully & enlist some of your friends for help & advice. Take your time & plan out your move.Don't let him know your new address, especially if he drinks.
Then just look toward the day you will be out of there. I wish you the very best, it will take some time to get your head straight again, sounds like you have been beaten down & your self esteem needs up lifting. But you will do fine, find a support group to help with that.
You didn't mention any Children, so that is easier, you have to find a place to live, pay deposits, & decide what is yours & then pick the day to move with help when he is with her, that should give you 2 days right.
Just be careful & plan every thing out, then most of all, don't get into another relationship right off the bat. Take some time to figure out who you are & where you are in life. Get involved in your Church, if you don't have one, fine one & let God help & guide you though this, he will all you need to do is ask him.
I wish you the very best & will pray for you too, please keep us posted on how well you are doing. God Bless you, Grandma of 8
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