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my younger wife
gentle1954 posted:
my wife is 49 and im 59 years old . i feel low sex drive but she is a hot wife yet. making her satisfied how should i deal with her?
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sluggo45692 responded:
Why do you feel you have a low sex drive? You think your wife is hot and sound like you want to have sex, Is it because as we men get older and don't walk around with wood in our pants any more? Talk to her and find out what she wants. If she's not satisfied, see a M.D. and get a physical with a testosterone work up. Look at your life. Are you constantly working at your job or house. The brain is the largest sex organ in the body. If it's to busy with other worries, then the sex suffers. The greatest sexual pleasure for this man is my sexually satisfied woman. If I just don't have the lead in the pencil, I will gladly kiss the flower. She's your partner, don't be bashful. TALK to her. Find out how you can satisfy her. Hope this helps
Anon_158719 responded:
I agree with slugo. Find out what she likes and try to satisfy her. Use a vib on her before sex and see if you can make her orgasm. As for you if you think you have low sex drive have you had your testosterone checked if not, now is the time to do it. I always make my gf orgasm before having sex and she is so much more satisfied. I also go down on her each time and that is so much pleasure for her. Don't be bashful have fun with sex in any way that pleases her. Let us know if any of this helps you out. I have a hot ma ma too but I can satisfy her. I also take testosterone shots because mine was really low. I take one Sildennafil Citrate 50mg one tab a week and that really makes it hard for me and anxious to go.
jacqui_olliver responded:
I would like to add to the question which Sluggo asked. Why do you feel you have a low sex drive? Do you have a weak erection or premature ejaculation problem?

If you're worried about a problem then your mind can't simultaneously focus in the correct manner to gain an erection or stay in control. Worrying contributes to sex problems as your conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time.

In my clinical experience men frequently suffering from either of these sex problems often experience a reduced rate of libido. This is because as a species, when we don't know how to deal with a problem, we go into shut down mode in an attempt to protect ourselves from the anxiety and embarrassment which often occurs in that situation.

Solve the lack of information your brain has, to solve those sexual problems and your libido naturally returns.
gentle1954 replied to jacqui_olliver's response:
u r right thank u very much , i would try to change my mind in my problems (ed and premature.....).

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