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Eye contact during sex
An_229063 posted:
Dont make eye contact during sex. You will have less guilt later. Trust me.
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I_love_prada responded:
SUPdude responded:
Don't make eye contact during'll have less sex later.

3point14 responded:
Just wear really dark sunglasses.

...hehehe, ohh awful.
wwilson89 responded:
Or you could abstain completely and have no guilt at all. What a concept.
IslandL replied to wwilson89's response:
Tee Hee Wanda.
sallyfirst responded:
What are talking about? Are you referring to a one night stand?
realbiglu replied to sallyfirst's response:
One night stand after you have had beer gogles on.
The_Thinker replied to realbiglu's response:
that is offensive.
An_229064 replied to The_Thinker's response:
originally the post was about a one night stand ,that means no eye contact required and the only thing you have to keep an eye on is the condition of the condom especially if it becomes rough sex you know how that works they expect a good preformance and that's no problem ,oh and make sure you have plenty of them (condoms) they will break get pulled off, I'm out
wwilson89 replied to An_229064's response:
What does guilt have to do with anything?
An_229065 replied to wwilson89's response:
I didn't mention guilt,but for some they regret what they did to the other sex with no commitement ,I'm guessing because the next time they see each other they may feel like they owe the other something ,but you might not be playing the game wrong or maybe you intented it as a one night not to mention if you performed well you want more of that ,I'm thought from the beginning that it was under stood it a one night stand either your cut out for it or not ,and then sometimes your glad it was a one night stand agree or disagree
realbiglu responded:
I am conflicted on this issue.
isabellin replied to 3point14's response:
kristinmarie722 responded:
Just by reading the subject I was thinking..... oooohhh that is really nice- I like eye contact- it means you are making a connection----- but now I am all sorts of confused / after reading the comments. LOL

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