Ashrey12 posted:
I appreciate all your opinions and make valuable points. Unfortunatly my mother was diagnosed with Uterine cancer and so was I so I guess this conversation could go on the far back burner.

Thank you for the time. I do appreciate it. Finally a community that does not go off on you but truely provides input.

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cjh1203 responded:
Ashrey, I'm so, so sorry about your and your mother's cancer diagnoses. Were you diagnosed at the same time? How completely devastating for both of you.

I hope your boyfriend will give you lots of support.

Please be sure to come back now and then to let us know how you're doing.

My very best wishes to you.
stephs_3_kidz responded:
Oh, honey....big, big ((((HUGS)))) to you. I will keep you & your mother in my prayers. And yes, please keep us updated.
kristinmarie722 responded: