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Husband Unemployed - Need Advise
Intrepid66 posted:
My husband has been out of work for about a year and a half. Thankfully I have a good job that pays all the household bills. I've tried really, really hard to be super-patient but I'm getting a little more frustrated each day.

It's not that he isn't trying - he's sent out over 1000 resumes for his old field and gotten zero leads. The problem is, before the recession hit he was really wanting to leave the corporate world and start a new career in an artistic field. When he got laid off, he saw it as an opportunity and incorporated a business, and a big chunk of his severance went towards supplies. I had some concerns about this but he's always succeeded at everything else he's ever done and I wanted to be supportive. We both truly hoped the new business would take off (he actually IS very talented). Unfortunately, it hasn't. Despite advertising and offering discounts, in this economy people just don't need the services and he's had just 6 paying art jobs in 18 months for very little money each time.

But he refuses to go on unemployment because the benefits would stop as soon as he got another paid art job, and he's holding out hope that things will magically turn around. This is becoming a big problem because all his credit cards are maxed out and the creditors are now calling multiple times a day. Last year I gave him all my savings and he used all of our tax refunds to help pay his bills, but by keeping the household afloat I now no longer have much extra myself. But every time I try to bring up the unemployment thing, he gets really defensive. I totally understand that in some way it means admitting defeat.

How do I tell him it's time to bite the bullet, get on unemployment, try to get whatever kind of paying job he can find even if it's at Starbucks, and realize that the art thing may have to remain a hobby until he's back on his feet? And still be supportive?
kisergina72 responded:
feel your pain. my fiance has been unemployed for 5 years. that was when he suffered a severe eye injury. he was a machinist since highschool and never even graduated. now he has every excuse in the book why he cant work. its very frustrating because he can work, i think he just doesnt want to

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