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Define Flare-up
tiff9185 posted:
Ok, I know that is stupid but I wanted to know what "constitutes" (hee hee) a flare-up. Sorry, I'm a little tired today.
All I know is that I hurt and have other issues but I don't know if that is a flare up

Thanks for answering.
rednewbie responded:
Flare up... I am not a doc but to me... a fellow crohnie a flare up is when you crohns is acting up. In any way.. if your crohns acts up by causing your belly to hurt more, not necessary causing your bowels to act up.. than that is a flare up to you. For me my bowels run to liquid and I feel like crap, including I am so tired I could sleep all day. I feel sick, in general like a semi truck came by and ran me over. When the liquid bowels start I actually feel so bad physically and mentally I do not even rememeber or think clear enough to start drinking sports drinks to avoid dehydration. And then I just get much worse, luckily my kids or husband remind me to drink propel. My potassuim drops like a rock when I have flare ups.

So, if you are one of those crohnies who never gets liquids diarhea, then your flare ups may differ from mine. I will never forget once being in the hospital when I was in so much pain, so much pain I thought for sure I had a blockage. My crohns was out of control way more than normal. I had a cat scan and I thought for sure I was heading to a hospital stay. Thankfully the cat scan was clear. I asked the doc why did I feel so horrible, this was beyond the a normal flare up. The ER doctor said it was a "flare up of a flare up". ;confused. So, I can tell you, a flare up can knock you down like you can not even imagine.

Please take care of yourself, and if you are running to the bathroom drink, drink and drink those liquids! If the pain is severe go to the ER, never ever should you stay at home with crohn pain if its something severe out of the ordinary or it is making you throw up.


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