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Newly diagnosed with UC
dananoldner posted:
I was finally diagnosed with UC after 5 years of suffering. I was started on entocort ec and it has worked great. I am noticing some side of effects of the med because it is a steroid that is suppose to target the colon and not get systemic steroid effects according to my Dr. I would be interested in hearing if others have had these effects and if they were able to lower the dose later when symptoms under control?
sheba_q responded:
I haven't taken it (I used to take prednisone 'gack') but what I've seen written about entocort is that it has less side effects, not none at all. Lowering the dosage over time also lowers the side effects.

Are you taking anything other than entocort? It's really only meant to get symptoms under control, and you'll need something else as a maintenance med.
dananoldner replied to sheba_q's response:
No I am not. I have my first f/u apt. with the GI Dr. the 27th and I will ask him about a maintenance med.
sheba_q replied to dananoldner's response:
I'm rolling my eyes now. You should already be starting a maintenance med, so you can find out which one will work best for you. It's very trial and error to find the one that'll work - this is one time I wish one size did fit all, but it doesn't.

Usually you start on the 5-asa meds and if none of them work you move up to the stronger meds. I'll warn you that none of them are cheap, so hopefully you have decent insurance. Not being on meds will end up costing you more in the long run.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
My doctor used that no systemic side effects line too. While entocort does not have the same level of side effects for me as predinsione--it still can and does have systemic side effects.

This patient information sheet from our drugs and treatments library: Entocort lists the side effects.

Like the others said, talk to your doctor at the follow up about a long term medication for ongoing treatment.

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