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Flare-up Symptoms
JavaMamma27 posted:
When you are in a flare-up what are you symptoms? What do you experiance that makes you feel ill?

I get SEVERE abdominal pain every 3 1/2 weeks that last for 5-7 days. Daily, I also ache from head to toe- my skin even hurts to touch. I have migraines almost daily, I am exhausted. I am nauseated and vomiting.

I don't know what remission is yet.

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  • Body/Joint Aches
  • Nausea/ Vomiting
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OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
Hey JavaMamma, is your period on the same cycle? I'm just wondering bc of the 3 1/2 weeks thing. I notice a bit more sometimes but my friend says she usually feels worse mid month and right before her period.
with regards to the skin ache - are you running a fever?

Sorry you're still sick
JavaMamma27 replied to OyWithThePoodlesAlready's response:
I think I have night fevers right now. I had a partial histerectomy 3 years ago, so I can only guess that my pain corosponds to my menstral cycle. I have all the hormones, just no AF.

I am waiting to hear from my Dr. I have been vomiting more yeaterday and today and phenegren is not helping me keep anything down.
sheba_q replied to JavaMamma27's response:
I have to second what was said. A few years back my GI told me she was seeing a lot of premenopausal women. It's not that there was anything wrong with them, just that fluctuating hormones cause fluctuating bowel issues.

Also it could be tied in with pms minus having a period, which isn't helping you any. Is there any way you can take hormones to try to stabilize that? I take birth control pills as my colitis would go haywire when I'd have my period (it still acts up a little).
LucyMMustard replied to sheba_q's response:
You can take birth control pills? Do you just have colitis then? I ask because the hormones in birth control would take me totally out of remission and make me very ill. I have Crohns, and colitis and ulcers, so on. I was just curious about the hormones because I am considering having my tubes tied for a method of birth control b/c I couldn't ever carry a baby to term again, my body just can't handle it.
sheba_q replied to LucyMMustard's response:
Some people can take birth control pills and do great, while other people react really badly to the added hormones. For me I find taking them evens out my hormones so that my ulcerative colitis doesn't act up because of that.
hannahleigh89 replied to sheba_q's response:
I've been on birth control pills for several years now, and it seems to help. My periods were very bad before I started them- not a lot of bleeding, but extreme cramping. Now they're short and I only really have cramps one day.

I switched to a pill with more hormones in it to help with some of the cramping because when I was flaring really badly, I got some pretty bad cramps. That made it worse though. So it seems like there's a balance.
braydenandbrooklynsmommy responded:
all of them!! mainly pain, bleeding, and nausea and vomiting though!
LadyKhan replied to braydenandbrooklynsmommy's response:
I'm having a flare right now. Pains and cramps, aches and migraines, diarrhoea and mucus, headaches and tiredness, nausea and general lousyness. My main one at the moment though is a dry mouth. Which is quite annoying! Can always tell when I'm bad. Also I take the birth control pill, and I find when I'm due to or have my period it all gets worse. But because of the frequent diarrhoea it sometimes makes the pill not work, which results in coming on, which I am now And it makes the flare up ten times worse for me! And my period instead of lasting 5-7 days last up to 20 days

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