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    Crohn's Disease
    An_183874 posted:
    Ok. I was at the ER at the end of August with severe pain and rectal bleeding. It subsided by time the Drs office called me back almost a week later, so I let it go. I went to the Drs on Monday because I had another bleeding incident. He did x rays and blood test. The x rays showed what he thinks may be constipation. I don't see how I can be constipated. I usually go to the bathroom several times a day. Anyway, he put me on prilosec to calm to acid in my stomach down, which has helped to reduce the pain. His office called me yesterday. They found abnormalities in my blood work. My Thyroid and Pancreas levels are off. They had me go to the hospital to have a CT Scan done. They said that they found no pancreatitis. But they still want me to go in and have a colonoscopy done. My father had crohn's disease. Do you think that I have it to? Would it cause problems with my thyroid or pancreas?
    cancu responded:
    Sounds like Crohn's to me. You will find out with your colonoscopy. Crohn's can cause so many other things unfortunately and it can effect pretty much everything in your body. The hardest thing is always to have the doctors figure out what you actually have, sometimes it takes month and month, and tests over tests. I know its frustrating but as soon as they find it at least you can be treated and hopefully get some relief.
    KristyValentine replied to cancu's response:
    I really can't take the time off from work to get that done. They don't do the tests on the weekends or during christmas break. I cancelled the appt. that they had scheduled. I would have to take 2 days off work the way they had it scheduled. I am sure my Drs office will be calling me tomorrow all upset. I think I am going to tell them that this is kinda what I have suspected for a while. I'm going to ask them if we can just start treatment for it. It all <3
    KristyValentine replied to KristyValentine's response:
    It all makes sense really. I watched my dad suffer with it for years. RIP Dad <3 I don't know why it cut that part out!
    kaj2313 replied to KristyValentine's response:
    I'm not a Dr. but I'm guessing they won't treat you for Crohn's unless they are sure you have it. The meds, I would think would be harmful if you didn't have Crohn's. You need to find out for sure or you could end up real sick if it's untreated. Then you would end up with lots more time off than 2 days! Take care of you health first!!
    JavaMamma27 responded:
    I ignored my symptoms for years and refused to get tests done because of expense and refused to take time off of work. My headaches kept getting worse, my abdominal pain kept getting worse. On October 3rd, I dropped at work having tonic-clonic seizures. Had an trip to the ER. THEN I got to do LOADS AND LOADS of tests for the next 2 months, while unable to work. Turns out Crohn's disease is behind it all- including the seizures. Now I am diagnosed at least with moderate-severe, we will know more next week. I am looking at surgery and multiple immuno-suppressant drugs, and I am STILL unable to return to work.

    My point is, get tested now. Much easier than when EVERYTHING falls apart.

    KristyValentine replied to JavaMamma27's response:
    I am going in Monday to have the colonoscopy done. I am so tired of being in pain. I'll let you know what I find out!
    kaj2313 replied to KristyValentine's response:
    I'm glad you are going, you may not get all the answers you want but it's a start!
    KristyValentine replied to kaj2313's response:
    I went to the colonoscopy today. He said that he was 90% sure that it isn't crohn's. The diagnosis was possible mild colitis. They took biopsies, I guess the results will be back in about a week. What is the difference between Crohn's and Colitis?
    hannahleigh89 replied to KristyValentine's response:
    Crohn's can be anywhere in your digestive tract while colitis can only be in your colon (also called large intestine.) Crohn's is incurable, and colitis can be cured by having surgery to remove your colon. They also tend to look different; Colitis normally affects larger areas than Crohn's.
    blu2lip responded:
    Hey Anon, U haven't told what the diagnosis is yet, u did say the drs. r 90% sure its not crohns but what is it???? I recently joined the group but have had crohns for 35 yrs and an ileostomy for 25yrs in remission for 5yrs now. Just anxious to learn and maybe I can help through my long experience with crohns.
    Happy NewYear.

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