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Hi guys...I'm still kickin'
mindyj1971 posted:
I'm so tired! Of course, they have me on 3 different pain meds right now.....Ugh....

My surgeon said that Crohn's had pretty much taken over the first and last part of my colon. Said that my small intestine looked good for now, hopefully, once I am through this horrific recovery, I will really start to notice some positive changes:)

Just wanted to send a quick surgeon said I could be going home as early as tomorrow. I've already been up walking several times, and my diet has gone from clear liquid to "full liquid". My stoma is working I just have to get this pain under control. I think for my own peace of mind, I might just stay until Saturday anyway.

Thanks for all of your support and well wishes! I will try to write more later when I am a little more alert. I keep dozing off while I am typing this....LOL!

cancu responded:
Hi Mindy,
so happy to hear from you, I'm sorry that you are under so much pain, can't even imagine, don't even know how you are giving us an update so soon after surgery. I would stay in the hospital till sat. too. let them take care of you. You in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you find relief from your pain soon. Take care, Ulli
arbob5 responded:
Nothing better than the power of prayer and support from your family and friends!!! You made it through this and we all knew you would!!!!!

God bless and keep kickin' girl!! Nothing will keep you down now.

Lots of love and, of course, HUGS!!!
cook1958 responded:
awesome news.........listen to the Dr's and take care of yourself................
miserable_sob replied to cook1958's response:
I hope it works out well for you Mindy. At least you can find out all kinds of advice right @ your fingertips now. I wish I had that advantage back in my Colitis days.
kaj2313 responded:
Wow Mindy, to see your post so soon! I'm so glad you came out of this well. It'll be a tough recovery. But remember it was a means to a better life! Keep positive and don't over do!!!
Take care!
OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
So glad to hear things are good so far - hope you heal quickly and your immune system leaves your small intestine alone
hannahleigh89 responded:
I'm glad you made it through okay. I've been thinking about you. Hopefully you'll find something that works for your pain. They sent me home with percocet. It didn't help much at all though. After the second surgery, they sent me home with percocet and oxycodone to alternate every two hours and Fentanyl patches. If they go with Fentanyl, be careful. I had some crazy withdrawals.

Take it easy, girl. We love you!
jodi2125 replied to hannahleigh89's response:
sorry Im getting on here late. i was away for a few days. Ive been thinking of you though. hope youre beginning to feel human again and that you still arent in a lot of pain. hugs...

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