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The New Health Plan
rednewbie posted:
Ok, guys I will admit I am completely ignorant on this all, but I have some concerns that my husband has been telling me and I wanted to see if anyone on the board knew anything. Is it true Crohns is not considered an actual disease on the new health plan? And remicade will not be covered?

As most of you know, my docs are pushing remicade and with my husband unemployed finances are huge worry with it. But now, my husband says if I start it I will be forced to stop it unless we can fund the entire cost.

On top of that Creon 40 which is what is keeping my daughter from losing her pancreas is not currently an approved medication for the new health plan, and currently is almost $950 a month. Thank goodness its covered fully by our cobra plan right now, but what will my daughter do in 4 years, become a diabetic just to get medical coverage? That is what will happen if she loses her pancreas.

I just do not understand how this is going to benefit my family at all. Call me selfish, but that is where my loyalities lay right now.

Does anyone have any information on the crohns side?
hannahleigh89 responded:
I'm not sure, I've not specifically heard anything about Crohn's Disease, but I wouldn't imagine they could just pick and choose which diseases they cover because that's part of the whole reason we needed reform. So that people with preexisting conditions don't get screwed. If I hear anything (the boyfriend thing is very into politics) I'll post it.
AzJohnny responded:
Gin, I haven't seen the actual bill but I haven't seen anything limiting any disease either. Crohn's is a disease and unless they specifically limit it, it will be treated like any other disease. As far as meds are concerned, it seems to me they are trying to get all FDA approved meds covered eventually by all insurance including Medicare. I haven't read anything to concern me so far. If your husband has read part of the actual bill that is concerning him, please get a link to where we can all read it.

There are already sites that are using every outlandish scare tactic imaginable against this bill. I guess we'll have to let the dust settle and find reliable sources for information in the future. My advice is to stay calm, don't get excited about anything yet. We'll all learn exactly what this bill means soon enough, if it is signed by Obama. I fully expect he will sign it soon and we will be inundated with hysteria while we are trying to find out exactly what it means to us.

Hang in there, we'll know soon enough.
kaj2313 replied to AzJohnny's response:
I agree Gin, it's a wait and see thing. No point in stressing on something that isn't for sure!! Try to put it out of your mind until the actual bill is put out there!!

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