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Need advice
kaj2313 posted:
I had a resection 51/2 weeks ago. I was doing very well. But know I'm having pain on my left side by my belly button. When I sneeze or cough it feels like I tear something. Could it be something wrong or just part of recovery. I need to go back to work next week. Also, I have been having real bad gas, which I didn't have before. What is something good to take for that?

Any advice would be helpful,

AzJohnny responded:
Hi Julie, I hope the resection has put you into a long remission. I haven't had a resection but I have had abdominal surgery and I had many types of pain during my recovery. I definitely think you should call your surgeon and inform him/her of your pain as it is possible that something is tearing.

As far as the gas is concerned, I use Gas-X. There is another OTC med that I can't remember the name of as well.

May your recovery be complete and your remission long.

kaj2313 replied to AzJohnny's response:
I talked to my GI in Mayo, about some issues and see my local Dr. Monday. The pain I was haveing is gone today, so maybe I was over reacting. Just so new to all of this stuff.

thanks, haven't see much along the lines of remission. But I think my body is still getting used to this. The smoking thing or should I say no smoking isn't going well..... Back to waiting tables in a week so I'm hopeing I will be strong enough as well as no emergancy bathroom breaks........Hope all is well in your world!!

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