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Swanson's Ultimate Probiotic Formula
mattdamonishot posted:
it sucks!!!I am flarign since I took it a week ago. Sorry arbob!!!!it doesn't work for everyone so i am going to try to get my money back. I was almost in remission and since starting it, my bleeding is back and I am goign to the bathroom alot. I woudl not reccomend this product and I am frustrated it did this to me!!!!!
jaimem92 responded:
I think it takes awhile for probiotics to really start to work, I would give it at least a few weeks if not a month to erally see if it's working or not. I started a new probiotic on Thurs- but it's only available through Drs- and I'm not sure I've noticed much "yet". I started a gluten-free diet too and I am feeling really good now, but not sure what is exactly causing me to feel as good as I have. I just got off a Prednisone taper too, so I could just be feeling good from that.
arbob5 responded:
Everyone is different. It works quickly for some and takes more time for others. Lets face it, we really are all different on how we react to certain things. Please don't give up on it yet. I truly haven't heard of anything becoming much worse after starting them, but then, I don't know everyone in this universe. Quite possible, I guess.

Please, try to think positive about it, give it more time and keep us informed on how you're going. Please......
larsstarscanary responded:
I'm sorry to hear that probiotics don't work for you.

You said you were almost in remission--If I had been you and I was almost in remission, I wouldn't rock the boat for anything! I would not have taken the probiotic (or anything else), no matter what those of us who it has worked for have said.

WebMD, (at their seminar), and my doctor all listed or suggested probiotics as a possible remedy for some of us with IBD. But not everything works for everyone.

Have you called your doctor to tell him or her the bleeding has started again?

I hope you get back to being as close to remission as you were. I hope you get to full remission soon.
miserable_sob replied to larsstarscanary's response:
I had no luck with it either, but that's been the story of my life anyhow. At least it does wonders for Arbob. I still wonder if it would have worked for me back in my Ulcerative Colitis days?

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