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swvagirl posted:
Hello folks....

Just wanted to see what people think about asacol. The dr just prescribed this for me and I was wondering if it worked for any of you. Any side effects you might have had...etc. Anything would be helpful.

Swkgal01 responded:

I was prescribed Asacol when I was first diagnosed with UC. The worst symptom that I experienced was mild hair loss. Although Asacol worked well, I now take Lialda. I like this one better. It is my understanding that Asacol and Lialda are very similar drugs but for whatever reason I was able to take my full dose of Lialda one time a day. When I was on Asacol I had to take it three times a day. So Lialda works better for me.

-Hope this was helpful
mattdamonishot responded:
I have been on 12 asacol per day sicne diagnosed in Feb/10. It is not workign for me so we are in the process of switching me to somethign else after I wean off the prednisone. Msot people I know have said the asacol hasn't worked for them either. Hopefully ti will work for you though.
hannahleigh89 responded:
I was on Asacol for a while but I couldn't digest it. Most of the pills would come out whole in my stool, so I don't know whether or not it would have been helpful had I been able to digest it.
miserable_sob responded:
I tried it long ago for UC over 20 years ago. All I remember is it was worthless, but it had no side effects either at the time, for me at least.
magsjeanea responded:
I have been on Asacol 800mg three times a day since March 2007. I was in Entocort also till December 2009. I have been in remission from Crohn's since August of 2007. I have has absolutely no side effect that I am aware of. Wish you luck.
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
larsstarscanary responded:
I found that the Asacol "shells" were coming out in my stools--I don't know why they weren't absorbed--Maybe I was lucky they weren't absorbed.

Balsalazide and probiotics work better for me.
arbob5 replied to larsstarscanary's response:
I used to pass Lialda "shells" too when I first started on that med. I started on 4 a day and once I got down to 2 a day, no more shells.
darkntall replied to larsstarscanary's response:
larsstarscanary ,

Ive found out that Swansons Ultimate Probiotic and Nutra Flora have made all of the difference for me while taking them with Pentasa. They both make the Pentasa work even better to the point that I only take half of my Pentasa on the weekend with no sign of a flare. They break down that Pentasa and anything else that i eat with no problems And on top of that, they have keep me cold free too this season with no OTC meds and around people at work sneezing their heads off! I want to thank you again for introducing us to that good stuff!
4optimism responded:
I was on Asacol for years and it was definitely the answer for me until this last year. Stopped working and am now on Remicade infusions. Side effects of Asacol: I lost so much hair and it began gradually until handfuls were coming out! The GI nurse confirmed that it was the Asacol even though there was no literature about Asacol and excessive hair loss. My hair stopped falling out almost immediately when I stopped taking it. It was very freaky and I didn't know why. Why didn't they tell me? There are other similar RX's that apparently don't cause this hair loss.
larsstarscanary replied to darkntall's response:
Your are very sweet, DarknTall, to remember. Thank you.

I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well.

I'm still in remission myself!

All the best.
robertirwing responded:
I have been on Asacol for 7 years and have only minor flare ups. I have had 3 "flares" in 7 years so I am a fan of Asacol.

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