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9 yr old boy has Juvenile Arthritis/Spondylitis and Ulcerative Proctitis
brucesmom posted:
Hi, My son Bruce was diagnosed with JA in April 2010. He will be 10 in July. For the last couple of weeks he has been bleeding a fair amount with coffee grounds and clots and white mucus. He had a endo/colonoscopy last Wed and biopsies confirmed that he had UC(proctitis) which goes hand in hand with his JA. He was put on 30mg of Prednisone and 400mg of Asacol 4 times a day. He just had his 1st formed bowel movement today, that looked somewhat odd...part was formed and another part which looked like rasbery/chocolate mousse consistency, I am assuming this is still the blood just getting thicker, b/c its healing??? It smells very foul. Normally poop doesnt bother me this one was strong. I am assuming it is from the blood. You could still see the blood on the rest of the fecal matter but since last week it looks better, not great but better. His stomach still hurts when pushed on. I guess Im asking how long it takes to heal...before this from Sept 1st he was constipated up until a few weeks ago which we thought could be from the meds for his JA but now know that some UC kids can get constipated too. Doc says if hes not better within 5 days they would admit him...and do pulse of steroids and let his gut relax...any advise or info on what to expect after starting UC meds would be helpful along with anyone who also has JA along with the UC...Thanks Bruces Mom Beth
sheba_q responded:
I only have UC but I can tell you one thing - patience. He hasn't been on the meds for very long. Between when I first got sick and when I was diagnosed was only two months, but it took me about a year to really feel like myself again. Just like "Rome wasn't built in a day" this is going to take time.

Have you tried diet changes, and does he take any vitamins or any other supplements? It's not a cure but when it comes to digestive issues, we really are what we eat.
JavaMamma27 responded:
I am also playing "The waiting game" for my meds to work. I am also a parent and I can not imagine how hard this is for you. My mom is struggling with my issues and I am in my 30's!

Fortunatly, if he needs stronger meds, the biologics (Humira, Remicade) are used to treat BOTH conditions your son has! Have you looked into those?

I pray EVERYDAY I did not pass this on to my children. I can't imagine watching them suffer so much.

Hang in there!

swvagirl responded:
I've got Crohn's and have been on Prednisone for about a month, I just started asacol on monday, so I can't be a big help. But I would think if he hasn't been on it a week yet, it may not have had time to get in his system yet. I also have a lot of mucus, blood and "fatty" looking stools, and agree about the smell. It might be from the prednisone, because I have noticed the stronger smell for about 3 weeks. Hopefully it will help him start to heal, but the prednisone should start to work on the inflamation, which will aid in healing. Keep us posted and keep your chin up!


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