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woke up feeling HORRIBLE!! YUCK... THUJA???
everydayizagift posted:
I woke up very late.. it was approx. 2pm and I usually dont sleep that long. I have added a few things to my homeopathic meds, also added probiotics. The nutritionist recommended Thuja 3 tabs 1 X and then 1 pellet under the tongue every other night. It's a strong antioxidant. The 3 tabs knocked me out cold. Then The next night - did not take. Last night took the pellet and feel asleep very quickly. Woke up with a 102.6 fever and dizzy as heck. I Is my body excreting toxins (the fever indicates that my body is fighting somethig) I'm going to call this nutritionist once i FIND MY CELL!
it also concerns me that I didn't tell her I'm on psych meds.. do they conflict? Ughhhh.

Any insight would be great & thankyou
Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone.  
That Girl
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi That Girl,

I am sorry you are feeling so bad. Hopefully you found your cell, called and are feeling a bit better. How are you doing today?

I also wanted to give you a couple of other references -

For drug interactions check our Drugs & Medications Center , some of supplements may also be listed.

We also have an "Ask the Pharmacist" feature if you do not need answers right away.

And, as you know, always let your pharmacist know what supplements/vitamins you are taking. We have a few 24hr pharmacies available and I have been known to call in the middle of the night with questions about dosages.

Let us know what you found out and how you are feeling,

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