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How do I pay for surgery w/o insurance?
JavaMamma27 posted:
Does anyone know of any resources to help pay for surgery and a surgeon? I am VERY underinsured ($500 mx benifit/year). We make too much for Medicaid. I have a strong possibility of needing surgery soon, but no way to afford it. Thanks in advance for any help!
jaimem92 responded:
I use the Patient Advocate Foundation.. search them online. I'm not sure if they do surgeries.. but they pay for all my medications
shanna_02 responded:
Depending on your hospital or doctors office, many offer self pay discounts of a set percent. In addition some will go beyond that depending on your income levels. The hospital that I work at will write off up to 95%. Call and talk with some one there and they can give you the infomation and forms to complete to help you. Good luck!
darkntall responded:
JavaMamma27 , Have you ever thought about going to a University-based hospital? I did and it paid for all of my surgery back in '97 and gave me quite a few samples too.
JavaMamma27 replied to darkntall's response:
We have University of Colorado here, but to access their teaching hospital in Denver for assistance, you have to be a Denver resident. I miss the border by 5 miles.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
This info may be helpful, Assistance for Medical Expenses .

Check to see if Colorado has the Medically Needy program.

JavaMamma27 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
I turned in a 1" pile of medical bill with my medicaid application, and was still denied. We make $300/ month too much to qualify. I was LIVID. I was hoping to get the "Medically Needy" to help with all my bills. I am now over 30K that I owe with no end in sight. I also need 36K in meds/ year IF my Humira is not doubled- then it goes up to 60K. Those are covered my the drug companies- THANKFULLY.

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