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mindyj1971 posted:
Just wanted to check on you and see how you are getting along. Hope that you are doing better:)

Are you on Facebook...I'd like to get a hold of you....I have some info for you that I can not post on here. If you are not on Facebook, I will give you my e-mail address or you can give me yours if you are comfortable with that. It's nothing bad....I am just not allowed to put it on this board:)

Big hugs to you
JavaMamma27 responded:
Mindy, thats fine. Give me your email and I will find you on facebook. (My email uses my last name, so I can't use it on here)
mindyj1971 replied to JavaMamma27's response:
So, how are you feeling? Hope that your week got a little better for you:)

Here is my e-mail address...I know that they advise you not to put it on here, but I don't know how else to contact you...

OyWithThePoodlesAlready replied to mindyj1971's response:
hey guys - you can always sign up for a new email address that you don't use on a regular basis and post it here (so you don't get scooped by spammers and hit on your normal account) - I use gmail and actually have all my gmail addresses show on my everyday account so my resume email and the one I post here work like 1 address while i"m still able to post it (or use a more professional email on my resume )

also - you can help avoid bots grabbing your address by typing it like

youremail *AT* hotmail *DOT* com

not that its guaranteed not to get scooped up but it takes a bit more work for them to automatically grab it

I think its so nice how everyone here wants to take care of each other
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to OyWithThePoodlesAlready's response:
Hello All - You are all wonderful, your care, concern and support for one another is immeasurable!

Ali's idea of setting up a separate email for online communication is great. Your safety and security is our concern - please know our communities are public on the big ol' world wide web.

FYI - I also have separate email addresses for work, personal, banking/credit card info and requesting information/ordering online.

Keep up the great support!
arbob5 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Elizabeth, I have separate email addresses exactly as you do. My son and my son-in-law are both in the banking industry and they highly recommend that everyone do this, just to protect your assets. So, I did, and recommended it to all of my other family members and friends. Makes perfect sense to me. Why take a chance in this day and age, right? And it's very easy to do...just get a "g" email or a Yahoo email. Both are free.

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