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Is there a Flare-Up coming???
shanna_02 posted:
I recently left my Night shift job and moved into one that is straight days...I have had so much more energy since then. Its nice to feel normal and sleep when I should. The only problem is in the last few weeks my belly has had some ups and downs. I have had a few rounds of painful diarrhea, back pain, horid gas bubbles in my stomach, and the general yucky feeling in my stomach. I have been in "remission" for about 6-8 months and doing so well. I knew that switching jobs would mess with me physically some, but I was hoping to just power through it and get by. With each day that passes, Im just not to sure that its going to happen.

I know what it was like before the meds work and how bad I felt. I also know how it was when I was trying different meds. I was wondering how it is for others whose meds have worked then went into a flare up how it is. Is it as severe? What are my chances of staying on the same meds by upping the doses or will I probably be going through trial and error again?

Im hoping that I am just over reacting and its just a stumbling block and after a few more weeks I will straighten out. I just want to try my best to mentally be prepared for the worse if it is going to be a prolonged amount of time again...
Magsjeanea responded:
I don't know if you are going to go into a flare again, no one really knows. Hopefully it will only be a glitch from changing shifts. I know it always got to me when I had to change shifts. I am hoping that you will be fine. Just keep a stiff upper lip and look for the best. Try not to get too nervous about it. Hope you do well.
Take good care,
Love Goes There,

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