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Gary update
mindyj1971 posted:
Gary just called....they are going to keep him another night (and probably most of the day tomorrow) for more fluids. His blood pressure was really low last night and they were a little concerned. His nephrologist and his urologist are now trying to figure out what to do with his kidney stones. The nephrologist does not want to do the lithotripsy (where they break up the stones into smaller pieces so he can pass them) because of the potential damage it could do to his kidneys. The urologist doesn't want him to pass them because they could tear his urethra coming out. (I think he told me that he has 2 stones measuring 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm) Surgery may be the only way to get them "safely" with his frail kidney condition. The two specialists are going to consult and try to come up with an answer for him. He is supposed to follow-up with them in a couple of weeks to see what the next step is.

I've given him all of your well wishes and told him that we are all thinking of him. I asked him to keep us posted. If he gets out tomorrow I am sure he will be on-line to update us.

Hugs to all!
AzJohnny responded:
Thanks again Mindy. I hope the docs come to the right decision for him.

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