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Pills not digesting??
mattdamonishot posted:
I ahve noticed lately that my asacol is not digestign properly. It will come out whole whenever I go to the bathroom. does this happen to anyoen else?? I take 4 pills 3 times per day so i guess I am digesting about 9 of them. I have todl my GI and he doesn't seem concerned. he wants me to continue takign them. Has this happened to anyoen else???
miserable_sob responded:
Susan I assume you're taking these pills with water. I was thinking if that doesn't work, how about smashing them up and adding them to food or liquid after that?
hannahleigh89 responded:
When I took Asacol, I had the same problem. It didn't seem to do anything for me anyway so my doctor discontinued it. I wouldn't advice crushing them up unless you've spoken to a doctor or pharmacist about it and they say it's okay.
magsjeanea responded:
Please don't crush your Asacol, they are made to digest in your intestines not your stomach. I had several of them do that to me and the doctor said that it was not a big problem as long as the majority of them are being digested. Sometimes there is a little pin hole in the tablet that allows them to disslove and only leave the shell of the pill.
Take good care,
Love Goes There, Jeaneau
miserable_sob replied to magsjeanea's response:
5 ASA didn't do squat for me either when I used it. It's just one more worthless drug I'm sorry I wasted my time with. All I can do now is regret I didn't even get a chance to try the worm eggs.
darkntall responded:

Try taking them with some probiotics in order to help break them down. Ive been taking my Pentasa with swansons ultimate probiotic formula and it REALLY breaks them down pretty good and helps take away A LOT of the side affects of them!..Just thought that I would just share my experience with them since they are in the same drug class as yours.
swvagirl responded:
Just a heads up...I thought mine wasn't being digested because I saw one floating in the toilet. Yes I know this is gross but I stuck a piece of toilet paper to it and it was just the casing....everything that was inside the pill was gone and it was cracked. It may be that you are just not breaking down the casing.Just wanted to let you know that it may look whole but doesn't mean it is.

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