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Crohn' Diease
An_183885 posted:
I have Crohn's for a long time. Recently it got so bad that I had a surgery 2 yrs ago. I have tried all the medications. Recently I have started my Remicade treatment. I have done 4 IV treatments. Not sure if it is working for me or not. I have that sickly feeling all the time. I go to the bathroom in a 24hr period (all loose stools) maybe more then 6 and more on bad days. I have told my doctor that I have been having clumps of mucas and blood in my stools (even small black pieces) I am in pain all the time. It has taken a c ontrol over my love life as well as family things. I do eat right. I have gotten rid of all beef,pork anything spicey. I rarely drink milk (but that doesn't bother me)

I need help someone to talk to. Or some advice. I am frusterated. Help!
magsjeanea responded:
I am so sorry that you are having such problems with your Crohn's. Alot of us have gone through the same thing, some of us worse and some better. I really don't have any answers for your but hope that your disease settles down quickly. Hope you can find some peace with this. Welcome to our community and please come back anytime you need to vent.
Take good care,
Love Goes There, Jeaneau
jaimem92 responded:
I always heard that mucus in stool can mean C. Diff- I guess it's something to ask about maybe? I just went through having C diff and it sucks- royally. I've gone to a gluten free diet and that's helped my Crohn's a lot. I'm one of the lucky Crohnsies people- Mine is pretty well managed and I can tell a mile away when a flare up is coming- so i get it dealt with right away.

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