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Just checkin in :)
mindyj1971 posted:
Hello Crohnie/UC family! How is everyone doing? Things have been busy for me since I have started back to work and have been trying to make up for lost time with my family and friends:) I received my first real pay check last week...felt so good to earn money again...I hate being on disability. Please don't mistake that for not being thankful; we would never have made it without the disability and I thank God everyday that I was not denied those benefits...but I have never been one to sit at home. I love my job and honestly did not think I would ever get back to it. My first day working with patients was on Monday....I was on my feet for 5 hours straight....that has not happened in eons! My feet were tingling when I got home, but it was all good! It was like I had never left. Caught up with some old patients of mine and my co-workers are absolutely are the docs that I work for:) The one doctor that signed our paychecks pulled me aside and said that when she saw my check in the pile for her to sign she wanted to put happy faces all over it. They have really made me feel wanted and needed there! I hope that my body continues to cooperate....would love to increase my hours in the fall when the kiddos go back to school, but for now I am only working 3 half days.

I do have to have another bone density scan done since last year's showed thinning of my bones from the steroids. I have been on the steroids ever since then, so the doc just wants to make sure that I am not any worse. Told him I would like a little break from docs and tests but that I would definitely get it done. He totally understood!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather....we've already had some real scorchers here in Ohio...gotta watch the dehydration.

Take care and pop in and let me know how you are all doing! I think of all of you often!

arbob5 responded:
Hooray for you Mindy! When we don't hear from you and Hannah, are minds get busy, hoping all is still well with both of you. You sound so it! Work can do wonders for all of us. I'm looking for something part time now...I do resumes from home, and with all of the unemployment these days, that has kept me pretty busy. But as you said, it feels good to earn some money!!! We all need that!

I know you will just get better and better. You go girl! Love ya.
mattdamonishot responded:
Oh Mindy it is so great that you are doing so well!!!I KNOW you love working again too!!! Hope the remission stays where it is for a LONG time to come!!!!
magsjeanea responded:
Mindy, we can just visualize the happiness in your eyes cause you are feeling so well. Most people hate going to work but we know how you feel and would love to be able to work. So glad that you are taking a "doctor holiday"! I would have answered sooner but am on vacation in New Orleans visiting my daughter, the grandkids and family. Hoping your remission lasts a lifetime!
Take good care,
Love Goes There, Jeaneau
larsstarscanary responded:
Congratulations, Mindy, and all the best to you.

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