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When to do surgery
mattdamonishot posted:
My dr wants me to seriously think abotu havign my colon removed. he siad my UC is verys evere and since the meds don't seem to be working (although I feel alot better after my remicade treatments) he thinks usrgery si best for me. I have to say it scares me to death and I knwo the recovery is AWFUL.

For thsoe who had surgery what made oyou finally decide to do it???
larsstarscanary responded:
(My gastro doctor wanted to remove my colon, too. I had to ask him if I had cancer, polyps, or anything else. He said no. So I said no, though I didn't say it sweetly.)
mindyj1971 responded:
Quality of life is what made me decide to have my colon removed. My surgeon told me how severely damaged my colon was and that it was ultimately my decision. I could not bear the thought of living the rest of my life the way that I was. Too weak, too sick to do anything at all. I was missing out on, husband, family, career. I was miserable.

I had previous surgeries and the Crohn's would come right back within weeks; I tried tons of meds including Remicade and nothing helped. I just finally got to a point where the thought of having a bag for the rest of my life didn't sound as bad as what I was living through.

The recovery from the surgery was awful....but it did end. I am finally in remission and back to work (part-time) for the first time since I was diagnosed. My family is happier and healthier than they have been in a long time:) My kids laugh and giggle again....I would not change my permanent ileostomy for anything. It saved my life in soooo many ways.

My thoughts and prayers are with you....
Hugs, Mindy
everydayizagift responded:
I have not had surgery, however I have been ill for many years with Crohn's Disease. Doctors have mentioned the removal of my colon, but for me, I search & search for other treatments that I could try (safe treatments, alternative trtmnts) because I want to have the most normal life I can, for as long as I can.
I don't want to need a bag that holds my waste. I'd rather get my disease under control by using alternative treatment (s) that will be effective. I have A LOT of hope that there are treatments that will be effective and make me better, but I just need to find it. All you need is willingness and a little motivation.
Have you tried diet restrictions like the SCD diet or GAPS diet?

I just suggest you do a lot of thinking before you make this huge decision. Also you may want to try to look into alternative treatments (LDN, acupuncture, diet changes). Getting your colon removed should be your last option after you've tried all other options and they have all failed.
Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone. Sincerely, That Girl
everydayizagift responded:
Oh, I just wanted to add..... I have lots of research that i've found and added to my blog regarding treatment options and new findings and news in regards to digestive disease. Feel free to check it out and "follow me" if you'd like
Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone. Sincerely, That Girl

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