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Specific Carbohydrate Diet
ashlilybean posted:
Hi there,

Has anyone ever tried the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD)? It is the subject of a book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", that I've been reading lately, and I'm giving it a try. Just wondering if anyone has had any success/problems that they would like to share?

Thanks so much!

jaimem92 responded:
I've never heard of it. But I might just have to research it a little bit.
OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
My cousin followed the scd religiously for her UC for several years and felt like it helped for a while but she did get to the point to where she had to get a j-pouch. I've never tried it bc I'm pretty certain I couldn't handle all the fiber, but she seemed please with it for a while.

miserable_sob replied to OyWithThePoodlesAlready's response:
I believe that there's just so many different variables when it comes to living with UC, that almost any diet including SCD is worth a try. Especially if that means avoiding the dreaded pouch.
ashlilybean responded:
Thanks for the responses! I did try the SCD for 9 days, but it didn't really work for me. I didn't ever get off the "Intro diet" of eggs, cheese, applesauce, chicken, etc, which wasn't very balanced! But it was worth a try. Thanks again!
crohn_girl replied to ashlilybean's response:
I just started it early this week and so far so great. In the hospital now with a bag and will continue the diet throughout my hospital stay and when I get home. ~Hannah
crabby_crohns replied to crohn_girl's response:
I have also done the low residue diet after the hospital stay and before. It seems to help a bit after the flare calms down.

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