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mattdamonishot posted:
Iss salad okay to eat when you have UC??? I hear different things and I really miss eating it. I know how important diet is with UC/Chrohns but I don't know which is correct.
arbob5 responded:
I'm a salad lover but I stay away from them if I can. It's like any other things tho...sometimes they bother me and sometimes they don't. Try it and see how it affects you. You might be lucky, although I would think you would have a problem with a good old fashioned salad. Let us know.
hannahleigh89 responded:
You can eat whatever you want to, it all depends on how much pain and suffering you're willing to deal with, lol. Some people have trouble with fresh vegetables while others don't. It's just like everything else; some people tolerate it and some can't.

I don't digest lettuce or tomato skins, and it gives me more trouble with gas than other things, but I still eat a salad if I want one.
miserable_sob responded:
Salad is pretty rough stuff, not easy to digest. I know with my J Pouch it's one of the most forbidden foods I can eat. Sometimes it comes out alright if I mix it with other foods. For the most part though, I view it as one of the more evil J Pouch foods that I don't want to face.

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