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Need Some Advice
swvagirl posted:
Ok Crohn's ladies out there. I need some advice. It is official my hubby and I have been trying to have a baby and are officially pregnant. I was 11 weeks yesterday, and haven't had too many Crohn's related issues. Mostly problems with morning sickness thus far. I know that no 2 pregnancies are the same, but what are some issues you had while pregnant with Crohn's? I want to have a list of things that might happen since this is my first pregnancy and I don't wanna be calling the doc over every little thing that might be Crohn's related, not pregnancy related. Anything would be helpful!

HannahLeigh89 responded:
Congrats! No pregnancies so far so I can't help you out there. But still very excited for you. Good luck.
OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
lbcash responded:
Congrats!! I am also pregnant. I am 21 weeks. Before conceiveing I was on Humira Injections to control my Crohn's. After finding out I was pregnant I took one more injection and decided to quit all of my Crohn's meds (I know most people don't do this and I don't recommend it before talking to your doctor). I was very nervous although it was my second pregnancy but I was told pregnancy could put your Crohn's in remmission. And for me it has. I have not had a single problem with my Crohn's this far. It's like it doesn't even exist. When you are pregnant your immune system lowers so as not to fight the baby. This is not the case for everyone but I hope it is for you. Although I did have a problem with weight gain in the beginning, so my OB had be to drink Ensure three times a day. I don't even have to drink those anymore. I know with the experience with my first pregnancy though, as soon as the baby was born the Crohn's came back full force. Good luck and best wishes!!
mindyj1971 responded:
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and your hubs! Both of my pregnancies were before my diagnosis, so I don't have any info for you. Just really wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and hope that your Crohn's cooperates:)

Big hugs!
Magsjeanea responded:
Congratulations! That is wonderful news for you and for Ib. I hope that your pregnancies are both unremarkable and that you have healthy happy babies.
Take good care!
Love Goes There,


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