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Need a Second Opinion
kyuuichan posted:
Normally I'd just call my doctor, but the office is closed until Monday, and I'm in a rather lot of pain at the moment.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's and IBS, with various ulcers, last month after a three month search. Right now I'm on a treatment of drugs to see if I'm going to respond to them, with a possible dosage of Himura on the way.

Monday morning a new symptom appeared: a sharp above my belly button. It came, it went, repeated over the day, and then the next day, and then the next. I finally called the office about it, and they said not to worry about it, it's just another symptom of IBS.

Last night, that sharp pain has turned into a burning pain that reaches from the belly button to the right, underside of my rib. It lasted over night and it's still there now. There's also a similar burning pain in my abdomen, one side to the other, like I have a pole in there. The right side of my abdomen has especially been smarting (ie sudden sharp pain; doesn't linger), but I know I have inflammation there. It does bother me that if I take a deep breath some times I feel a sharp pain there, also.

I've played the whole is it an appendicitis or not before, with rather expensive results, which is the only reason I'm trying to hold out and wait the symptoms out. I'm mostly curious if anyone thinks this is cause for immediate concern, and if I should be heading for the nearest doctor, or if this is just another horror of IBS and IBDs.

Thanks for any help.
jaimem92 responded:
I'm actually having the same symptom right now and am right in the middle of a flare up. Feels like I have a knife stuck in my side. Then occassionally it starts burning. I've had Crohns for awhile now, and have been flared up since Wednesday. They put me on a Medrol Dose pack and gave me a Solumedrol shot. I had diarrhea all day on Wed and had to take the day off work, then only worked a half day on Thurs. Now I still haven't had a bowel movement since then, so I always assume the pain is because of the pressure building up. lol. Anyway, hope you feel better
Jayl955 responded:
I get those pains when i eat something that was too rough for my gi to handle at the time. As of now I cant seem ed to handle veggies unless they r mush. I would try to try to keep track of foods you are eating and the pain you get. that is if you are eating. I would also eleminate any of the harsher foods if you havnt already. The intermentent pain is brobably due to the flare up and food/gi bulk passing over the sores that developed. Tylonol usually helps me deal with the pain with a low residual diet. Hope your pain is gone by the time you have read my post..
swvagirl responded:
I totally know what you mean about "Is it appendicitis or not" about 2 weeks ago I started having pain in my upper right quadrant of my abdomen. Well being pregnant my first concern was how would they do surgery? Well 2 days went by and I kept thinking, this is a crohn's pain, not something else. I wasn't flaring at the time and still am not. And by Tuesday it was gone. I know this is a crappy answer, but the longer you have Crohn's the more you will get to know your "feelings & symptoms". A year ago I had pancreatitis from 6mp, after feeling like crap and some of the worst pain of my life, my dr saying oh no your blood tests are normal. A day later I was in so much pain that I knew wasn't crohn's pain I went to the ER and low and behold it was pancreatits.

Once you have had the disease for about a year or so you will get to know what is normal pains for you and what is not.Good luck!

OyWithThePoodlesAlready replied to swvagirl's response:
Hey Sarah, I have no idea if this helps, but with my friend's first pregnancy they ended up taking out her appendix bc she had new pain. Her appendix was fine but they couldn't do much dx w the pregnancy so they took out the appendix to be safe. In hind sight, she thinks her son was just kicking her ileum.
kyuuichan replied to OyWithThePoodlesAlready's response:
I'm going down on Tuesday to have an ultrasound to check the organs for any damage/stones/etc. I may have been only diagnosed in Aug, but I've been suffering the symptoms since June, which is why this freaked me out so much (I'm actually feeling worse ON the meds then before I started taking them).

I'm hoping for good news, but stuff like galbladder problems runs in the family and we think that might be a problem too.

Thank you everyone for the responses. I had just started taking predniSONE for the first time and I think half my panicking was from the paranoia the drug was inducing as well.

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