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LunaNatasha posted:
Has anyone tried giving up food? How long did you go without eating? I am having so many problems, I think I'm better off just giving up eating.
Jayl955 responded:
I had to give up food for 8 months due to small bowel obstruction. I had a tpn for most of that time. It only lasted that long due to ,i'll say, bad medical advice. aulthough i fell great most of the time i thought of food dreamed of food craved food i would usually never eat. I wouldn't give up eating even if you feel like it. have you tried to go on a low residual mechanical soft diet? If not try that. If that fails maybe talk to your md or dietition about nutritional supp to give your gi time to relax. not sure what your going through right now that you want to give up food but I hope it gets resolved soon.
HannahLeigh89 responded:
Every once in a while, when my symptoms get really severe, I'll go a couple of days with just liquids and kind of give it some time to rest. You have to be really careful when you start giving up food because your GI system will stop working if it doesn't have a reason to. Yes, this means less symptoms, but it's really hard to get it started again on your own once it has stopped.

The longest I've gone NPO was 3 weeks, but I was in the hospital and it was an order. I also had TPN for most of it.
LunaNatasha replied to HannahLeigh89's response:
I didn't realize that the GI system could stop working. I'm just sick of being sick...sick of other people always thinking I'm fine just because I look fine....and I have a horribly stressful job that I hate, which just makes me feel I was figuring if I gave up eating I'd either feel better and maybe find another job, or just starve to death, but either way, I wouldn't have to deal with feeling horrible all the time anymore.
Miserable_SOB replied to LunaNatasha's response:
Even with my J Pouch giving up on food doesn't work for me. I've tried it so I can get more sleep in the night. But still even without eating for days just a little gas will wake me up. After that experience, I concluded that giving up on food doesn't work for me.
HannahLeigh89 replied to LunaNatasha's response:
Yeah, it will absolutely stop working, and then you can imagine the kinds of problems you face when you start eating again.
OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
I did the ibd remission diet which had me on nothing but whey shakes, broth, and juice along with herbs and probiotics for 6 weeks. It was a pain starting on solids again - I ended up making baby food and slowly reintroducing that but I certainly felt better after just a week on the diet. It got my #s down but wasn't enough to get me off prednisone (I got down to 7.5 but wasn't able to get comfortably below that) and I eventually switched to remicade

Before I started the diet I asked my GI and he was satisfied with the nutrition. He said he didn't think it would hurt but probably wouldn't help. After 4 weeks he seemed surprised at the difference it made. My friend who told me about it is on imuran and the combination helped her avoid surgery. I think she takes the herbs and drinks 1 shake a week. Its not cheap but she still swears by it

I hope you can find a way to be comfortable
everydayizagift responded:
Omg there are so many diets and restrictions that you could try. The GAPS Diet is one you can try if you really can't eat anything and your flare is increased by food and the things you eat. SCD is another diet that takes some of the principles from the GAPS Diet. These 2 diets seeks to heal the gut lining by eating certain foods that will promote such healing.
Natasha McBride Campbell discovered the GAPS diet. You may want to try to make the soup she suggests and make the homemade fermented cabbage (that will add good bacteria into your gut). It helped me.

Oh, one thing I would def do... Eliminate all Dairy products and Gluten/Wheat/Grains from your diet for now. Don't do carbonated drinks, high sugar, spicy foods, foods with a lot of additives and preservatives. If you cut these foods out, you will see improvement.
Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone.
That Girl
LunaNatasha replied to everydayizagift's response:
I avoid the grains category, as well as everything else you mentioned except for dairy. Dairy seems to be the one thing that is always okay with my system.

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