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Really frustrated with my GI
jaimem92 posted:
So I'm still feeling like crap. I thought I was doing better for a couple of days then whammo, last night I had the worst diarrhea and stomach cramping. So this morning I called my GI right away- they didn't call back within 3 hours. So I decided I would make an appt with my family practice Dr. I had a flare up last week and had called my GI then too, but they said unless I came down for an appt they wouldn't help me. Well it's an hour and a half to my GI and I had diarrhea that kept me pretty close to the bathroom. So what am I supposed to do? Anyway, I saw my family practice dr, and as I'm sitting in the waiting room the GI calls me to schedule an appt. They wouldn't even do labs or anything in my hometown for some reason (i'm guessing it has to do with money) So I had my fam prac run my labs and I'm guessing it's not actually a flare up but C Diff again. Anyway, she's calling my GI now to discuss what they want to do..

I'm just so sick of feeling like a dollar sign instead of a patient. They need to try to be understanding of those patients that live far away from their office. I have a perfectly good hospital and lab in my hometown that is affiliated with their clinic. But they refuse to use it. GRRRR..
LunaNatasha responded:
I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I don't know how people do this for the rest of their lives. I have only had to deal with IBD since January and already I feel like I'd be better off dead. Drs. are so frustrating, and that sucks that you have to drive so far just to see someone. Luckily, I have a great medical system in my area, so I'm no farther than ten minutes from help. How do you cope with having a job and having IBD?
jaimem92 replied to LunaNatasha's response:
I felt much better after venting above. haha. Working and having Crohn's is really tough. Luckily I have a really understanding job. I'm an xray tech in a hospital. I usually try to tough out most days that I feel sick, but if it's a rough day they let me go lay down in the backroom for my breaks, which helps a lot. I also volunteer on the ambulance when I'm feeling better. I think I'm pretty fortunate to have the symptoms I have with Crohns because it's not really often that i feel this terrible. I feel crappy everyday, but it's stuff I can tough out.
LunaNatasha replied to jaimem92's response:
That's awesome that you have a job that works with you and allows you to help others that are sick. I'm a teacher of "disruptive at-risk youth" and my job does not allow me to be sick. If I were to leave the room to use the bathroom while a class is in session, chances are a fight will break out, someone will get assaulted, or any other number of frightful situations. It's really hard to go to work, so if I'm having a slightly off day, I have to stay home...and I'm burning through sick days. I'm thinking of trying Biologics and taking two months off to hopefully get this all under control. The emotional stress of my job is just making me sicker, and I don't know what else to do.
jaimem92 replied to LunaNatasha's response:
Sorry to hear that. Stress is definitely a crappy thing to endure when you have Crohn's. I work for the ambulance too so I can understand dealing with stressful situations. My husband is actually a teacher for troubled teens too. I can't imagine having to deal with that everyday. I hope you get things under control soon
jaimem92 replied to jaimem92's response:
So, another frustration.... My GI told me to call them this week and let them know how I was doing. So I did on Monday, I asked if I should still have my Remicade on Friday... It's Thursday now, and I still haven't heard from them. I called them on Tuesday too and again today.. It's getting kind of ridiculous.
OyWithThePoodlesAlready replied to jaimem92's response:
ug, have you talked to you GI about it? I know I left a message that mine did not get once and when I told him he was visibly mad and really wanted to know who I had left the message with. I'm not sure if it helps or not, since you still have to go through the staff...

guess you live in a small enough area that you don't have the option to find a new GI?

being sick is annoying enough, I'm sorry you have to deal with this on top of it all. are you feeling any better?
jaimem92 replied to OyWithThePoodlesAlready's response:
I finally got a hold of the nurse on thursday afternoon. she just apologized for forgetting to call me, then they weren't sure if i should still have my remicade, so they had to interrupt the doctor from surgery to ask.. I can't have it yet, so I'm waiting 2 more weeks. Hopefully that's ok with my Crohns... I am feeling a lot better. I ache everywhere and have no energy, but it's getting better, I even went and played a little tennis today.. With talking to the doctor, I let them know I was frustrated and even if they were busy it didn't really give them excuse to take that many days to get back to me. They sounded like they understood.

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