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Anyone else have problems with...
jaimem92 posted:
So my gums have been inflamed for weeks now, I've been flossing, brushing my teeth a lot and using mouthwash to try to get them to calm down. Anyone ever have this problem? Anyone have any ideas on how to get it to stop?
HannahLeigh89 responded:
Every once in a while, mine get extra sensitive and sore. I break out the regular brush head and brush once real good with it, then I go back to my sensitive brush head. In my mind, the extra firm brushing helps get rid of any new bacteria that might be causing inflammation but I'm sure that's not really happening, lol. I don't use mouth wash on a regular basis because every brand I've tried ends up doing more harm than good. The lining of my mouth gets burned out, basically. I can't taste and everything gets really sore. So with the extra mouth wash, watch out for that.

If you're usually good about your dental hygiene, and I assume you are since you've noticed and are concerned about it, I wouldn't add any extra steps because that might just irritate things more. What kind of inflammation are you having? My gums swell and bleed from time to time. I usually just try to watch what I eat (nothing acidic, things like that) and it calms down on its own. I've had to switch to Sensodyne pronamel toothpaste and I also have to use sensitive heads on my brush, like I said. I never had a problem with sensitivity before, but mine get super bad now if I'm not careful. I need to see a dentist bad but I don't have time right now. Also: have you switched toothpaste lately? I tried using the Sensodyne isoactive and I can't. It leaves little blisters all over my mouth. Is there any chance it could be from a new product?

Sorry for so many questions. I had a long day and I'm just trying to be thorough.
arbob5 responded:
Most normal mouthwashes have alcohol in them. That can be quite painful. Biotene, which is normally for dry mouth, is also absolutely great for mouth sores, etc. It is anti-bacterial and contains no alcohol. I use it on a regular basis. It just might help you a lot. Give it a try.
lbcash responded:
I once had a problem with really sore gums and several mouth sores at once. I was miserable. They were so painful. Of course it stemmed from the Crohn's so the doctor prescribed what was called ,"Magic Mouthwash". It is something that the pharmacy mixes and it has a numbing medicine in it too. I had to swish the mouthwash twice a day for around a week and it was amazing how well it worked. Not only did it work well but it helped keep some of the pain away until it healed completely. Maybe your pharmacy has something similar. Maybe it will help with just the gums too.
jaimem92 replied to lbcash's response:
Hey, my gum problems are pretty much just soreness and bleeding, the roof of my mouth bleeds when I brush it. And my gums are just really irritated. I use non-alcohol mouthwash and that's what I've used for a long time and not had any problems.

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