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help on what to eat after flare up
An_241556 posted:
can someone help to tell me what foods helped them after a flare up, i just came home from the hospital , had a bad case of ulcerative colitis , takeing asacol,metronidazole,prednisone,ciprofloxacin, i am geting realy week from only eating jello and chicken broth and water,please help, thanks.
sheba_q responded:
White rice/pasta/bread would probably be easy to eat. Maybe start with a few crackers with a simple chicken noodle soup. Poached chicken is probably the safest meat to start with. Applesauce and bananas for fruit/veg.
LunaNatasha responded:
Everybody is different as to what you can eat...somehow there are a hundred books out there about what you should eat, however, from meeting people with IBD, it seems like we are all different. For example, dairy is always a good idea for me...greek yougert, cottage cheese, protein shakes...but for some people dairy is a trigger, so my best advice,(and what my doctor told me) is to introduce one new food at a time and wait 2 to 3 days to introduce something else so you can tell if that food bothers you or not. Good luck, and know that we support you!
akb222 responded:
I have many of those weeks of eating nothing but broth and jello! I am sorry you are going through it now. One of the biggest things that has helped me is that I got my food allergies tested. It has helped me to keep my crohns under control for a whole year. I am currently in a flare up but I believe it is because I have been eating some of those foods again. My biggest allergies are dairy and yeast. Big piece of advice, keep a food journal so that when you do have a time like this you can look back and see what foods worked out well and which ones to stay away from. Unfortunately I don't think any two people react the same way to the different foods, so it is hard to give someone else advice on what to eat. I hope this helps. Stay hydrated!
sutodonna replied to akb222's response:
Have you ever try'd kale? It saved me from the depth's of ....well you know what I mean. Please try this super food. If you are thinking about it, and want to know more Please contact me at .
Claytonium responded:
Fast food - Baconator (no-bun).

For me, all fiber (even that in a banana) sends me right to the toilet (within a minute). After a few days of just processed meat, I come out of my flair.

Hope this can help someone!
arbob5 replied to Claytonium's response:
Just as a side note.....every time I have a good helping (3-4 slices) of good old fashioned crispy bacon, if I have been in a flare, I get relief. I never tried the Baconator, but you can be sure I will next time I'm in a flare. Something in those preservatives I guess. Just think...for years we've been told that these preservatives are "killers" after awhile. Seems like we can't win, right?

I'm coming out of a mini-Spring flare right now. Happens to me every year at this time. Had bacon last week, come to think of it. Hmmmmm, could be!!!!!
Claytonium replied to arbob5's response:
So, what TRIGGERS a flair, and what I can't eat during a flair are 2 completely different things...

For instance, I just found that Banana is a trigger for me... I've been in a remission, want some potassium, eat a banana or two that week... and, ut oh, abdominal bloating and blood in the stool! At that point (in a flair) I become resistant to nearly all fiber (especially wheat like bread and pasta). Once I eat a few bacon burgers without a bun or vegies (3 days), I am back to a remission, and can eat anything (including wheat stuff)except bananas (is what I've found, so far).

Also I tend to flair in Fall (really bad), and Spring (pretty consistent).

Anybody else?
arbob5 replied to Claytonium's response:
We're all different as to what bothers us but doesn't bother others. Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis are very confusing diseases and they can't be cured, but hopefully, with the right doctor and meds, they can be controlled. Somewhat. How long a remission can last is another thing. Mine was about 6 months or so, but along came the spring, and a mini-flare. Every darn spring. Even the doctor agrees with that.

Anyway, I'm almost out of the flare now and quite thankful for that. My favorite breakfast is frosted mini wheats. I have them about 5 times a week. They don't bother me at all. But I know they do bother others who have UC or crohns. I can also tolerate sunflower seeds, while others can't. Again, we are all different. We just have to really take notice of what foods do bother us and try to stay away from them. I personally think there are more things we can tolerate than not, but maybe I'm wrong about that. I have a kind of short list of what I have to stay away from. Raw veggies are not the best thing for me, I can tolerate fruit, but not all the time. And this is what I mean.....these diseases are so difficult to deal with. But I still think there are so many others out there with other diseases that are much much worse than what we have to put up with. Do you agree with that? I hope so. So many others have no control over what they are suffering from, but if we pay close attention to our diets and other things that cause us a problem, we can attempt to eliminate these things. Not always possible, of course, but most of the time.

Let us know how you're progressing. And again, keep track of what does bother you, as you say bananas do, and that is a good start. And some day you may be able to tolerate bananas!!! Who really know.

Look forward to your comments. God bless.

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