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Any ideas???
frustratedbelly posted:
I am in the midst of another round of test to r/o Crohns and I am just clueless what is going on because I have the majority of Crohns symptoms but no evidence from colonoscopy. Below are a few details...
-10 years ago positive ANA test they thought I had Lupus... never symptomatic also low RBC at time never found source
-diarreha pretty much ALWAYS.. from the moment i eat or drink anything... ALWAYS for last 3 years or so. Almost immediate.
-bloody stool only once...sometimes mucous (sorry ... I know gross)
- 3 partial small bowel obstructions from April of 2010 till NOW...that typically resolved themselves within 13 -15 hours. Doesnt show on xray but did on ct as dilated fluid filled spots in small bowel
-alot of gas
WEIGHT LOSS!! In last 2 months I have lost about 16 pounds and am very thin now!!!

Test showed...
- years ago colonoscpy revealed ibs and a few other thing......the one i had in August this year showed enlarged/dilated veins throughout pelvic area... cant remember what he called it... something similar to Pelvic inflammatory but it wasnt that. No evidence of crohns
-Barium xray series last week ... dont have results but exam took almost 6 hours because barium wasnt moving till i ate....
- labs from hospital last week... low RBC, low hgb, lowhct, high neutrophil, elevated wbc in stool sample, low potassium and several other out of whack.
I have an endo in the morning and just ready for some answers.
dawniey5 responded:
I am sorry for your discomfort.. but can understand your frustration. I have been having an ongoing battle since September and have become resigned to the fact that the only answers I am going to get is thru an autopsy....(sorry, I know that sounds grim)....but best of luck. I am very interested in what they find out.
Carolina7Chloe responded:
I think for some of us, a diagnosis is difficult. I'd had a barium enema done when I was around 30 and then a few years later a sigmoidscopy and barium enima done again. Both times the diagnosis was IBS. After my son was diagnosed with Crohns (his cousin was previously diagnosed) I had a colonoscopy. Nothing. my labs showed a 90% possibility that I had Crohns so he put me on Pentasa. In the meantime, for over 20 years I'd been having 2 to 3 spells of diarrhea each week. When I went back to the gastro again a year or so later, and said I had been up again at 2 am with another bout of diarrhea he looked at my labs again and my family history (grandmother and father died of stomach or gi cancer, my niece and son diagnosed with Crohns) and ordered a pill cam test. That showed Crohns in my small bowel. I'm on Remicade now, for 1.5 years, and have it in my rectum now (Crohns), which explains the new problems I started having about 3 years ago. Sigh. I've been diagnosed about 6 years now, but have suffered for 40 years. The drugs do help, but it's still a day to day thing for me.

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