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people with crohn's foods
littleatatime posted:
Hi I have Crohn's Disease had it now for 38 years. I've had some bad flare-ups now and then. Thankfully I have not had any operations because of Crohn's. I was wondering how people who have this deal with there diet. I can't have any seeds at all--I used to be able to eat steak and roast beef but i can't eat that anymore causes bathroom problems yet I can eat ground beef 85% beef doesn't bother me -- strange I think. I'm linited on fruits and veggies to. More people can't drink milk but I can doesn't bother me Just wanted to hear any other foods that others can eat with Crohn's. Thank You

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jaimem92 responded:
When I'm flared up I can't have any dairy except milk, anything heavier makes me pretty sick. Popcorn bugs me. Garlic and anything spicy messes with me. But I'm one of the lucky ones. I do pretty well as long as I don't pig out. That's my biggest thing, I can eat just about anything as long as I don't overdo it.
meli1414 responded:
I just got diagnosed in oct 2011 I am 32 and I didnt know what was wrong with me everything I was eating I was in pain
I was losing so much weight and i am tiny as in is so I was concern so I check myself at the hospital and thats when they told me I have crohns disease I was in shock amd scared at the same time so I tried changing my diet and that didnt work I still was having flare ups really bad my dr gave me pentesa with some other meds but the other meds wasnt working so recently he put me on predisone that work perfect no pain no flare ups I was gaining my weight back so he minmize my predisone to 20mg a day thats when my pain was coming back so he put me back to 30mg with 6mp right now thank god no pain or flares it depends on your body and how well your body could talk the meds
CountryMommaFlorida responded:
I recieved a cookbook for Crohn and Colitis, best cookbook ever! I have not been able to eat pork or beef until this cookbook. Our meats are mostly off the land and we raised 3 hogs to see if it would make a diffence, and it did! I found my trigger seems to be all the additives, whether hormones, antibiotics while raising the animal or whatever they use after processing. We made homeade breakfast sausage that we found in the cookbook and for once I COULD EAT IT!!!!! It was wonderful to have a plate of sausage gravy and bisquits without being in extreme pain or running to the bathroom after eating! The name of the cookbook is "How to cook for Crohn's and Colitis" by Brenda Roscher. I hope this helps

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