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Seeking good advice for weight loss with Crohns
Ria4981 posted:
My name is Maria and I have Crohns disease. I was diagnosed in August 2010 and currently I am just taking Pentasa. I just finished 7 horrible weeks of steriods (1 week of IV in the hospital when I had a flare and 6 weeks of Prednisone at home) The summer that I was diagnosed i weighed 155 lbs but i guess that was because everytime i ate anything i was in the bathroom within 7 minutes expelling it from one end or another. Now ive gained it all back and Ive gained 20 lbs since Jan 8th when I was hospitalized and given IV steriod and Prednisone. Ive been off the Prednisone for 3 days now and I can tell my appetite is subsiding but the weight isnt. I have sciatic nerve issues and the pain is killing me from the extra weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions??
miserable_sob responded:
Maria my case of Ulcerative Colitis was so bad, Prednisone didn't really have any side effects. But it did nothing to turn my health around either. So they had me injecting Cortisone after that for 3 months. And man oh man when you start injecting almost anything you really feel those side effects. I gained a little weight but felt more puffy or kind of like the Stay Puff Marsh mellow man. I honestly believe you're better off searching for alternatives. I'd qualify every drug they gave me in my UC days as worthless poison.
lbcash responded:
I once had to take Prednisone for a Crohn's flare up and it was horrible. I gained 20 lbs. in one month, my blood pressure creeped up and my pulse rate creeped up. After 8 weeks I wound up in the ER on a Cardizem drip with BP 200/100 and resting pulse 150 bpm. I don't mean to scare you because I was a rare case that had an allergic reaction to the steroid. After 4 months of the Cardizem everything went back to normal. Just letting you know things to watch for though. About the weight, I did nothing and it went back to normal. After about two months I had lost all of the weight that I'd gained with the Prednisone. I'm like the PP, I think most of it was swelling and puffiness. Good luck and maybe you can just give the weight time to shed since your appetite has gone back to normal!!

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