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Please anyone help me
TrulyUgly posted:
I have been suffering with a flare up, first I got really sick ,put on antibiotics,then my meds Asacol end up having a serious reactions, mixing them .End up three time in the ER,for the them to figure it out.NOW I suffering with this flare up,so uncomfortable.What can I eat having diarrhea,and bloody. I have been so scared with this I recently got diagnosed in October last year.I really need more info
miserable_sob responded:
Do you have Ulcerative Colitis? If so what kind of diet are you on?
TrulyUgly replied to miserable_sob's response:
yes I have been eating Vietnamese food everything steamed. no fried food. pretty bland diet boil eggs dry toast. no cokes :{
small meals.since I been diagnosed I have lost 70lbs. I have really been trying to eat good. super scared even if some days I want a burger and fries,just to cheat but I will suffer later lol. Thank you for your fast respond. I really need some guidance. I see my doctor every three months its really fast, doesn't explain much. I really need better health insurance. but my works insurances is so expensive,I wish I can afford it. Thank you again
miserable_sob replied to TrulyUgly's response:
I hope you find the right diet, do all the searching you can for it on the internet. Years ago when I had Ulcerative Colitis, the internet wasn't around, so all I did was go by my doctor's suggestions. At first I remember drinking lots of Ensure, but that didn't work. You can always try this or see how others are battling Ulcerative Colitis on various other message boards. If I still had it, I'd be anxious to try alternatives such as fecal transplants
hannahleigh89 replied to miserable_sob's response:
When I was at the doctor yesterday, she also mentioned make success with the fecal transplants. There is no wy I could bring myself to use them, but she said they have something like a 90% remission success rate if done properly.

She also mentioned a simple carbohydrate diet, but also said it was incredibly hard to follow. I didn't do much research on it yet, but it may be worth looking into if you're losing that much weight.

My body seems to be quite different from the norm, but I do well with things like baked or mashed potatoes, and it's easy to add calories to those. I also do well with cottage cheese or yogurt, when I can make myself eat it.

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