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Need a diagnosis!
wahmed posted:
Hi all, I'm new here. I've been dealing with some excrutiatingly painful symptoms ever since my hyterectomy in 2008. Everything I've read about Crohn's points to it, but last year I did go to a GI doctor and he said I only had stomach lesions and put me on omeprozole. But the off and on constipation, the killer pain, and the bloating-OMG it looks like I'm nine months pregnant and I can barely move when it happens! I get an attack once a week, and I've tried to pinpoint it to food I'm eating but there's nothing in common. I've actually seen my intestines undulating and spasm through my abdominal wall-it feels like I have alien inside of me trying to burst out! Does any of this sound familiar to anybody at all?????
lbcash responded:
Everything except the constipation sounds familiar to me. When you say attack what do you mean? An attack for me is sudden spasming of my intestines, cold chills from head to toe, a cold sweat, and feeling very faint. Oh, and I believe someone said it perfect on here when they said it was like pushing a baby through your intestines just to find out it is diarhea. Of course I'm no doctor and it could still be something else, but I think it would warrant another visit to the GI. You shouldn't suffer any longer, call and make an appointment. If you're in a rural area like me at least make an appointment with your primary care doctor and get a referral. Whether it's Crohn's or something else, you need to find out. Good Luck and I hope you get some answers and feel better soon!!
wahmed replied to lbcash's response:
For me, an attack consists of massive abdominal swelling, extreme pain like someone is stabbing me in the gut with a hot knife, and intestinal spasming, especially on my left side (descending colon-sigmoid colon area). Then for about three days afterwards I am still swollen and sore-it feels like I got smacked in the gut by a 2x4. It completely exhausts me, it takes so much out of me I feel so exhausted and worn out like I've been in a battle. I have another appt on April 19th, so hopefully I can get some answers then. This bites.
lbcash replied to wahmed's response:
Wow! I hope you find answers soon!! I do get the bloating and swelling too, and it is predominately in my lefts side as well. And all attacks are not the same for everyone. I know it will be long wait for you until the appointment but you are doing the right thing by going in and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!
hannahleigh89 responded:
What tests did they do when you went? You absolutely should not have been dismissed with "stomach lesions" as a diagnosis. I don't know what it is, but it is at the very least IBS or IBS like symptoms. I don't see how stomach lesions could cause the bloating and the intestinal cramping. I could see pain and constipation maybe, but the other symptoms to me don't add up with that diagnosis.

It does sound a lot like Crohn's or UC. To me, your second post sounds more like UC. They're both very painful diseases, but according to the few GI docs I've seen, UC is consistently more painful for patients because of the extent to which the colon is damaged. It's also more common for UC patients to have the lower left abdominal pain that you described than Crohn's- Crohn's patients tend to feel it more on the right side.

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