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leafsfan1 posted:
i'm new to this forum so pls bear with me. is colitis the same thing as crohns? i recently spent 6 days in hospital as i had a bout of severe pain (on right side) that felt like someone was stabbing me. also with that came a high fever, chills, and uncontrollable shaking. (i should mention at this point that i already get fairly severe pain from my liver as i'm end-stage cirrohsis/liver failure due to chronic hep c), but i know that pain and this was not my liver. this excruiating pain was coming from below my liver. the emerg doc admitted me after running a battery of tests saying that he thought it was colitis due to a bacterial infection. after treating me with alot of strong antibiotics, i was released and the doc said "be thankful you don't have colitis" when i got home and was looking at the discharge papers they diagnosed it as colitis. now i'm confused. my g.p. said i do have colitis, just not the auto immune type??
hannahleigh89 responded:
You had colitis from a bacterial infection. Once that infection is cleared up, your bowel health will return to normal and you should not have a continuing problem with your bowels. The auto-immune kind that they mentioned is what several of the people on this board have. They will have it for the rest of their lives and there is no antibiotic that can treat it.

No, it isn't the same as Crohn's. If it was just bacterial colitis, once you've finished your round of antibiotics, you should be back to normal.

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