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using Remicade for colitis and crohn;s
tiger0133 posted:
Hi..I have been taking oral meds for my crohn'e the latest of which is endocort which initially was doing specialist says that there are two other meds to use if the entocrt does not help the problem..lately I have had more flare ups of the disease so for me I do not think entocrt is the answer and I don't want to try the other two meds that are available to me because I think it would take too long to get results..a friend of mine told me about a friend of her's that is using Remicade with fantastic results so I am thinking that I would like to do this as well..I know it is given by iv infusion which I do not have a problem with but one of the things I am wondering about is if they would consider doing a pic line..if anyone has any answers for me I would truly appreciate that..thanks
hannahleigh89 responded:
You shouldn't just start Remicade because you don't want to give the other pills a chance. Remicade is considered a biologic, and those medications are last resort medications. If there are still pills that you can take that might help you, that's the sensible thing to do.

As far as a PICC for Remicade, it isn't really the best option. With a PICC line, you cannot get it wet, which means you have to wrap it every time you take a shower, no swimming, etc. There is also a huge risk for infection with having a PICC at home. The better option, if you do decide not to take the pills and for some reason aren't satisfied with getting an IV every couple of months, is called a port-a-cath. It's a little port they insert around your collarbone so that they have direct access at all times. Your skin grows over it and you can swim and shower all you want.

Unless something is wrong with your veins, the IVs should work fine. But in my opinion, you shouldn't even be considering Remicade yet.
SarKris responded:
I think it is a bad idea to rush into a drug like remicade. Carefully read the side effects and the possible outcomes of using that medication. You should try all other less caustic medications first. I tried many pills before I found one that worked good for me. It is an old drug call Imuran and it took 6 months to get results but it has basically not side effects and it works.

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