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Remicade & Pregnancy
jaimem92 posted:
Has anyone ever been on Remicade and been pregnant? Did you have any problems? My GI says it's safe but my OBGYN is a little cautious about it, and wondering if I can be off of it. I know my GI said it's more dangerous to have a flare up, but I feel that I could probably manage my crohn's fairly well with diet. I haven't had a flare up since 2008. I've had small flares, but nothing major. What are your opinions?
LauraLW responded:
Hi Jaime, congratulations on your pregnancy!

When I was pregnant, I was on Humira. My GI was like yours and said that it was safe to be on the med and more dangerous to have a flare. Against medical advice, I went off Humira during pregnancy. I felt that the med was too untested and the potential side-effects too great for me to risk it. Likewise, I did not take it during the few weeks I was able to breast feed. I did feel well during my pregnancy and was able to eat a very healthy diet and was able to gain the appropriate amount of weight (which I was worried about). My baby girl was and continues to be healthy!

After she was born, I did have a recurrence of abcess/fistula and had a colostomy when she was 3mos old. I haven't been able to achieve remission after pregnancy. A theory is that I lost responsiveness to the med because I went off it while pregnant. Now, I've tried Cimzia, but as it works similarly to Humira, it is not effective either. I'm stuck in a little conundrum of what to do med-wise as there aren't a lot of options.

Jamie, you are facing a big decision. The best you can do is get all the information you can from your doctors (#1) and health-care professionals, and hear others' experiences. Ultimately you have to make your own informed decision, for you will have to potentially live with consequences either way. I would never change what I did, though I do have some very serious consequences. But then I have a friend that stayed on her Humira until the last 2mos, had a healthy baby and had just a slight flare after pregnancy. Every reason, choice and result will be as unique as we are.

I wish you the best in your pregnancy and you are going to be a great mom! Enjoy this very special time in your life!
jaimem92 replied to LauraLW's response:
Thank you so much Laura, I'm not pregnant yet.. But my OB wants to start me on a med to jumpstart my ovulation- haven't had a successful period in a few months. He wants me to be off Remicade the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I've heard not to be on remicade the last 4 weeks too. So, not sure what to do. But thank you sooo much for the advice, it helps a lot
OyWithThePoodlesAlready replied to jaimem92's response:
If it helps, both on and GI are on board with staying on Remicade assuming I ever get to that point. They have both stressed multiple times that a flare is a risk in and of its self. Maybe it would help to talk to a high risk ob if one is available in your area?
LauraLW replied to jaimem92's response:
Jaime, sorry about the confusion! I wish you all the best and hope you are blessed with both reproductive and GI health! I also was on a med - clomid - to assist ovulation and conceived after four months. I found out later that you have an increased risk for multiples: a family I know just had healthy triplets. Could you imagine?

Poodles had a great idea to see about a consult with a high risk ob. Though you may not be high risk due to crohns alone, the dr could give more insight on the meds at least as a second opinion.

Best of luck!
jaimem92 replied to LauraLW's response:
Hey, I'm not sure if there are any high risk OB's in my area.. If there is, the one I'm going to would be it. I know he has dealt with trickier pregnancies. Laura, I'm starting Clomid- so hopefully I will have the same luck as you . I've been feeling great lately. I haven't had issues with my Crohns, the only thing I've dealt with is I had C Diff in October this last year. So I figure now is the time to get pregnant. Hopefully I can find some time! haha. Thanks for the advice.. I talked to my GI and they said just to have the OB call them.. So hopefully they'll work it out. It sounds like I'll stay on Remicade throughout the pregnancy though. (hoping I get pregnant!) And I wouldn't mind twins the first time around.. haha. Get it over with right away.

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