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Any thoughts?
An_247238 posted:
I was diagnosed with UC back in 2010, and have not been able to really take care of myself. I have been living with friends and family because I am unable to find work, and have an extremely limited budget and can only afford ramen for food.

I have not been taking any meds since diagnosis because i cant afford it. but the flares keep getting worse. and i cant afford to just let the hospital bills keep piling up because i have no insurance so i have to pay for everything out of pocket.

I just want to know are there any home remedy type treatments or things that are inexpensive to help with the symptoms?
arbob5 responded:
Did your primary doctor diagnose you or was it an emergency hospital person who did it? I'm curious, because I know in my area, if you can't afford meds or further treatment, there are agencies to assist a person with their health needs. Have you investigated that in your area?

Also, some of the doctors will have a very limited supply of meds to control some symptoms. Again, a limited supply, but sometimes this supply is just what is needed to temporarily relieve your symptoms. Again, this isn't always available. It is in my area. My gastro doctor is affiliated with a large gastro clinic and they work very closely with drug companies and are able to start some patients on meds if they don't have insurance, etc. These UC meds are very costly, and a temporary, very limited supply of a certain med can determine if this particular drug will help you.

I would suggest you work with your present doctor, or check out some assistance agencies in your area. I feel certain that you will be able to get some sort of help. Keep us posted on how you're doing, ok? We do care on this site.
GhostNinja replied to arbob5's response:
I was diagnosed on three seperate occasions, twice by ER doctors, the other was by my primary doctor. I'm out of the salt lake area, and have done some research into low income care agencies. unfortunately so far have proven unhelpful. I have not seen a GI doctor so maybe will get some different or better help. what worries me though is that all the people i know that have UC, have flares one every couple of months or so, and there are times where i flare twice a week. and i have seen health commercials where they say "i had three falres last year" and here i am thinking that if theirs are that far apart, how screwed am i? also i dont know if this is true or not, some doctors say true, some dont.
if UC gets worse can/will it develop into colon cancer? or is that different entirely
arbob5 replied to GhostNinja's response:
Everyone is different as far as flares are concerned, but the most common flares seem to occur in the spring and fall. That is when I have had my "worse" flares, especially spring.

I feel you should find a GI Dr. at this point. Also, I'm sure there is a university in your area, and usually their clinics are very receptive to aiding patients. They are usually teaching clinics.

At any rate, UC can develop into colon cancer, but first, let's get you on the right track as far as a doctor is concerned. If you are receiving the correct medical care for your UC by a good GI Dr., your symptoms can usually be controlled. So, one step at a time...try to find a UC Dr., possibly at a Salt Lake City university clinic if possible, and get a fresh start with your diagnosis. Also, your diet is very important too. Do you find that certain things you eat cause a flare? If so, stay away from that food. Keep track of what you can and can't comfortably eat without a flare. This is very, very important.

And again, let us know how you're doing. You will get some very good information on this site from other patients with UC, some newly diagnosed and some, like myself, who have had it for almost 5 years, and others who have had this disease for many, many years. We all have helpful information for you.

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